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Vallourec celebrates International Women’s Day

At Vallourec, diversity is of paramount importance. Nearly 1,000 Group employees took part in the two webcast sessions organized for International Women's Day in early March, focusing on the theme of inclusion and diversity. Their commitment testifies to the importance the company attaches to these values.

Celebrating Diversity


#InspiringInclusion_CelebratingDiversity: was the theme of the photo contest organized by Vallourec to celebrate International Women’s Day 2024. Employees around the world participated enthusiastically, sharing over 250 photos as well as numerous quotes. Thank you to all our employees for their commitment!


These sessions, part of the “We are Vallourec” program dedicated to diversity, equity and inclusion, provided an opportunity to take stock of the remarkable progress made within the company, both at corporate level and in the various regions. They also provided an opportunity to discuss the Group’s vision for 2024 and to present the best practices observed in its three main regions. In addition, female role models within the organization shared their experiences and valuable advice in virtual roundtables.

Focus on 2023 results

Promoting gender diversity

In 2023, 26.2% of Vallourec’s managers were women, compared with 24% in 2022, with significant differences depending on job level:

of women occupied operational positions
It’s the proportion of senior managers at the end of 2023 (vs 9.8% in 2022)
of new hires were women, an increase from 22% in 2022.


Vallourec is committed to accelerating the number of women in management, with a target of 30% of women at all levels including the Executive Committee, by 2026.

Promoting inclusion and enabling conditions for women to succeed

  • The Group offers work-life balance conditions, such as telecommuting and flexible hours in all countries.
  • Around 80 active mentoring programs are active across all regions.

From the regions

Our three regions are implementing many first-class programs and actions to increase the proportion of women in our company and ensure their success.

Notable initiatives include career acceleration programs, mentoring programs, affinity groups in South America focusing on gender equity, LGBTQIA+ rights, disabilities, ethnic and racial diversity, and generational diversity. Additionally, actions have been taken to improve employer branding, workplace well-being, office renovations to enhance working conditions, and promotional efforts to attract more women to technical positions through school and university outreach…