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Bringing excellence to industrial business

Automotive & Transport


Vallourec is a leading producer of seamless steel tubes and hollow sections for the industrial market and contributes to the success of many projects and serial productions.

Our steel products come in a full range of different grades, dimensions and shapes with local production footprint in the Americas, Europe and Asia.

This large product portfolio ensures that our steel tubes and hollow sections bring added value to various markets ranging from steel construction to automotive & transport, from mechanical engineering to defense and security. Vallourec can manufacture products to meet any customer requirement.
Whatever your needs are, Vallourec makes sure to devise a solution that matches the specificities of your application.

Our products are supplied directly by us or via distributors, thus allowing the purchase of small quantities and shorter lead times.

A comprehensive portfolio of tubes for the automotive and railway industries


For the automotive industry


Vallourec’s line of automotive portfolio offer automotive manufacturers high-quality, durable and cost-effective solutions, for passenger, commercial and heavy-duty vehicles.


  • Axles for car and truck trailers of all types and sizes, and rear drive axles for trucks and vans, special vehicles, and heavy-duty vehicles. Axles, axle parts and housings of commercial and heavy-duty vehicles require long-term strength and toughness. Thus, the tubes and sections used as the base material need to be high-quality and durable. Our seamless steel tubes and square and rectangular hollow sections (MSH) are outstanding for their tensile strength and toughness. Special high-strength grades are also available for more demanding axle applications.
  • Precision tubes for applications like airbags, diesel injection pipes, gear shafts, transmission and suspension components. Vallourec uses its in-depth knowledge of cold drawing in order to manufacture high-quality hollows for precision tubes in a wide range of grades and dimensions, including unique long-length tubes.

For the railway industry 

  • Tubular Railway Axles to increase wagon load capacity for transport. Vallourec is proud to have developed a Tubular Railway Axle that weighs 40% less than a conventional solid bar axle. This technology meets all chemical and mechanical standards required for this usage, while reducing a wagon’s tare by one ton. This innovation limits the number of trips required to deliver the same amount of cargo and brings down component maintenance costs.

Fulfilling onshore and offshore project specifications

Steel construction

With a wide range of tubular products, Vallourec remains a trusted partner for international projects both in onshore and offshore environments.

In civil engineering, our seamless tubes and hollow sections (MSH) are well known. They are the go-to, especially when it comes to creating stunning architectural and structural projects. Vallourec’s products have been used for various famous buildings and infrastructures such as the Wembley stadium in London, the new Bangkok international airport and the Stone Cutters Bridge in Hong Kong. In addition, they are also used for substructures of solar and photovoltaic projects.

Our steel tubes are not only used for frame construction and visible elements. They are also used as solid foundations in the form of displacement piles, bored piles or micro piles (Tecnipile®).
Our large product range allows us to provide solutions to many different projects including for the construction of rollercoasters and other types of amusement rides.

In addition, Vallourec’s  PREON® box solution efficiently builds standardized and wide-span constructions, making in-time and on-budget planning a reality.

With tubular products that resist harsh environmental conditions (including high wave loads, fierce storms and very low temperatures), Vallourec provides reliable solutions that meet the technological challenges inherent in offshore construction projects such as wind farms, subsea structures, platforms and jack-up-structures such as oil & gas exploration rigs and wind turbine installation vessels. Especially for self-elevating structures, Vallourec has strengthened its position as a technology driver over the past years.

As your trusted partner, our teams work directly with architects, engineering firms and designers as well as with the common classification societies to help your project become a reality.

The ideal material for a huge variety of mechanical engineering applications

Mechanical Engineering

As a supplier for many decades of major equipment manufacturers and contractors, Vallourec has developed a strong expertise in various fields of the mechanical equipment field.

Our large portfolio of square and rectangular hollow sections and circular tube solutions is available worldwide. They are ideal for building key components for agricultural vehicles and machines, construction and mining equipment, cranes and lifting equipment and a wide range of other mechanical engineering applications.

Our mechanical tubes and shaped components are also highly recognized by hydraulic cylinder manufacturers. Furthermore, Vallourec supplies tubes for Industrial Bearings that are used for various end markets.

Each business sector has its own specific technical challenge. Due to our diversified knowledge, customers appreciate exchanging with Vallourec material experts on metallurgical news, trends and grade recommendations.