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Meet Noushiba Hamsa, Inside Sales Administrator

Embracing your strengths, goals and community

Nearly a decade ago, Noushiba Hamsa began working at Vallourec in a temporary reception role. She is now a Senior Sales Coordinator / Inside Sales Administrator whose outsize impact includes serving as President of the initiative Women@Vallourec in Middle East. Driven, tenacious and compassionate, Noushiba always seeks to better herself, her workplace and her home.

Could you tell us how you started your career at Vallourec?

My path to Vallourec was unconventional – the confluence of opportunity, ambition and timing. I’m originally from India, where I studied mathematics and worked in staffing in the airport industry. In 2006, I got married and relocated to Dubai.

Once here, I first worked in travel and tourism, but realized I needed to pivot to grow my career. I saw the many possibilities in oil and gas and began learning about the industry.

I soon discovered a temporary position in Vallourec reception. It didn’t guarantee a permanent role, but I believed in myself. I took the job, and shortly after I started, I transitioned to an opening in Inside Sales and have been at Vallourec ever since!

What is your current position, and how has your role evolved over your 9+ years at Vallourec?

My role has evolved substantially from when I first started. Going from reception to inside sales in the Middle East required becoming very familiar with Vallourec’s entire business while also growing my expertise in marketing and sales. Developing these new skills was very exciting, and Vallourec has always allowed me to keep expanding my career as my skills have grown.

Currently, I am a Senior Sales Coordinator / Inside Sales Administrator. My present role is fundamentally about fostering trust. Although my day-to-day involves many tasks, building customer confidence is at the heart of many of them. When customers trust the person selling them a product, they feel confident in their purchase and will continue to buy from that seller. Given how competitive the Middle East is, particularly in lynchpin Vallourec products like line pipe, our relationships can be the difference between making and not making a sale.

What do you love about your job?

I love Vallourec’s positive work environment. My colleagues are supportive, kind and always willing to help. Vallourec’s culture initially drew me to the company, and it is part of why I stay. When you work at a company that values each employee’s goals and promotes a positive work atmosphere, your personal growth, job satisfaction, and even daily happiness skyrocket.

I also love that I work on a small team. In large divisions, every person specializes, focusing on one element. When a group is small, like mine, you gain tremendous exposure across all facets of the work. I get to shepherd every price quote from start to finish, learning through doing at every phase.

This also means that I have a direct hand in exceeding customer expectations, building that critical trust directly. My work and team naturally build on each other.

What’s the next step for you along your career path at Vallourec?

I hope to become a Sales Manager or work in outside sales. These roles drive the sales strategy, which brings with them more responsibility, but also a chance to contribute to company success more directly. I am already working to gain the experience I need to take on these jobs in the future. As part of that, I’ve completed an MBA in International Marketing/Sales, which has enhanced my knowledge and awareness of what it takes to be a Sales Manager.

The role brings with it some challenging components, like knowing how to best approach customer problems. Luckily, my manager is helping me learn the more difficult ropes. Tying back to what I love about my job, my colleagues are very encouraging. We help each other to achieve our small and big objectives.

What skills have helped you succeed in your job?

My open-mindedness has been an enormous part of my success. Seeking different perspectives is vital to continually improving a business, but it’s particularly critical in an industry where soft skills are crucial. I joined the Women@Vallourec initiative to help spread this philosophy to others. I know it can be hard to create space for yourself when you are a woman in the workplace, particularly if you come from a different cultural background. I am very proud to be the President of the Women@Vallourec initiative in Middle East, working to build greater inclusion and equity within our company and give back to our community.

What advice would you give to other women in your field?

Believe in yourself – in your skills, your work, and the value you bring to the field. This idea can sound generic, but it makes a difference. After all, if I hadn't believed in myself when I learned about the reception role, I might not be working at Vallourec now.

Additionally, find your passions. Find what helps drive you when things are demanding, and don't limit yourself. For me, I take passion from riding super motorbikes, spending time with my family, traveling and getting outdoors. Exploring my interests has made my life richer and much more fun. Fun, too, is part of achieving fulfillment.