A major OCTG project in Volgograd

27/06/2019 - Russia / OCTG

RITEK selects Vallourec to supply OCTG for its exploratory well in Russia. 

RITEK, a subsidiary of LUKOIL, which specializes in the development and implementation of innovative technologies in the field of enhanced oil recovery (EOR) and unconventional ("tight") reserves, selected Vallourec to supply OCTG with VAM® 21 connections for its exploratory well in the Volgograd region. 

The challenge of the Volgograd well:

The well, № 6P Eruslanskaya, has a complex design, consisting of 7 strings, to reach a total depth of 6100m. Vallourec was selected to supply the production casing string capable of withstanding the corrosive effects of H2S and CO2, the high collapse risk of an instable wellbore, together with high pressure and high temperature.

The Vallourec solution

Here's how we met the challenge: 

  • For the upper part of the production casing string we proposed VM125SS high strength sour service steel grade. 
  • For the lower part of the production casing we offered VM 125HC high collapse steel grade. 
  • VAM ®21 connections were used for the combined casing string and crossover to guarantee gas tightness. 
  • Running of the casing string was perfectly smooth, with zero rejects. 
The construction of ultra-deep, as well as horizontal and deviated production wells, has become a steady trend in the Russian oil and gas industry. Vallourec was able to demonstrate its capacity to respond to these technical challenges with efficiency and reliability. 


VM125HC (High Collapse) steel grade, developed by Vallourec, has 38% more collapse resistance compared to Q125 steel grade according to API 5CT. 
VM125SS (Sour Service) steel grade is a proprietary development of the Vallourec research center, which demonstrates high strength characteristics along with corrosion resistance in an environment with H2S.