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Women@Vallourec: working alongside associations

As part of its Women@Vallourec program, the Group is committed to promoting diversity and gender equality among its employees.

Women@Vallourec: working alongside associations

04/12/2019 – Diversity

As part of its Women@Vallourec program, the Group is committed to promoting diversity and gender equality among its employees. But Vallourec also works associations to ensure the inclusion of women in the industry. Workshops, student sponsorship, recruitment program, training… Focus on a French initiative which contributes to making gender equality a reality.

In France, Vallourec is investing alongside the Capital Filles association to advance the integration of young women into industrial studies. Driven by Céline Darondel, 22 employees in Valenciennes and 26 employees (including two men) in Aulnoye have committed to becoming mentors for Capital Filles. This is how the program works: over the course of the school year, each mentor provides guidance for a student attending a high school that has partnered with the program to help her choose a future career path best suited to her and in which she will be able to flourish, while helping her discover the professional world.

Thanks to their own personal experiences, the mentors are able to guide these girls who come from underprivileged backgrounds and who often lack self-confidence. The role of the mentors is to help these girls become aware of their potential, through the discovery of the broad spectrum of professions in the industry. It is also about supporting them in their choice of direction and in professionally-related actions, such as job searching. As such, help with interview preparation, CV and cover letter writing will be offered to help them best navigate the transition into the professional world, and especially to open new doors to women who often dismiss industry as a sector that is not for them. For now, the mentoring program is offered for juniors and seniors in Valenciennes but soon it will be extended to sophomores and even freshmen. 

Thanks to our coworkers' involvement, two more high schools in the Valenciennes regions are open to the Capital Filles program and twenty-two young girls will be supported in making plans for their future.
Céline Darondel
Director Industrialization OCTG Europe-Africa