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Vallourec supplies tubulars for Eavor’s project in New Mexico

Vallourec was awarded a portion of Eavor’s™ Lightning Dock Phase I project in 2022.

Vallourec was awarded a portion of Eavor’s™ Lightning Dock Phase I project in 2022. Eavor™, a leading Canadian Geothermal Technology company, utilized their Eavor-Loop™ technology, a unique radiator type closed loop system for the project.

Vallourec supplied tubulars with its flagship connection VAM® 21 HT which was recently run by VAM® Field Service in conjunction with Eavor’s Team of subcontractors. Eavor reported that Lightning Dock achieved depths of 18,000ft TVD with temperatures of ~250°C.

  • Eavor-Loop™ utilizes a completely closed-loop technology that doesn’t require fracking, non GHG emissions, no brine production, or aquifer contamination.
  • Vallourec’s VAM® 21 HT connection is qualified to TWCCEP and has been used around the world for geothermal.
  • Vallourec is leveraging their know-how to drive geothermal development and are members of the Texas Geothermal Energy Alliance and Geothermal Rising.
  • Vallourec is working to optimize the supply chain by manufacturing and threading Eavor’s pipes on this project using our North American mills.