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Vallourec scores points with its first annual Rolling and Heat Treatment Benchmark meeting


From March 18th to 22nd, Vallourec’s operations, process, and quality experts gathered at the Barreiro and Jeceaba mills in Brazil to exchange best practices in safety, quality, and performance. Here’s a look back at an event that already promises a second edition in 2025.

80 Rolling and Heat Treatment participants from all mills and regions in Vallourec


The very first Rolling and Heat Treatment Benchmark Annual Meeting (BAM) event combining operations, process, and quality experts from all different Vallourec mills and regions took place, this year, in VSB Barreiro and Jeceaba mills in Brazil.
This important event brought together around 80 participants, providing a unique opportunity to actively exchange best applied practices in Safety, Quality, Performance, Technology and Costs.

A new era of excellence in rolling and heat treatment

Throughout the week, participants had the chance to strengthen connections within Vallourec communities and explore the different rolling and heat treatment facilities at Barreiro and Jeceaba sites. Two special working sessions focused on High Collapse, Sour Service and NACE (National Association of Corrosion Engineers) current challenges.
This event exceeded all expectations by promoting collaboration and discussions to find solutions to current and future challenges. Our communities emerged stronger and more knowledgeable from this BAM Olivier Dillies, Heat Treatment Process Community Director, and Paulina Martens, Rolling Process Community Director, are pleased to announce that planning for our second rolling and heat treatment BAM event in 2025 has already begun.

Rolling and Heat Treatments awarded Best Practice in Safety, Quality, Performance, Technology and Costs topics

Check out what our BAM participants had to say

It was fantastic to meet all the Vallourec experts and see all regions come together to enhance safety, quality, and performance! It's incredibly inspiring to benchmark and identify many new ideas and solutions to improve our processes. Thanks to an event like BAM now it will be easier to contact experts from other regions and discuss various topics! 

Dayanna Duarte
Quality Team Leader- VSB


The BAM was an incredibly useful technical exchange meeting. Each plant gave excellent presentation about their best practices. I learned a lot from them. Compared to to other Vallourec plants, TIANDA has different equipment and processes. Every participant was very enthusiastic, actively communicating with us, and offering valuable advice. I also benefited from visiting the VSB mills on-site. They set a good example, particularly with their descaler and cooling bed equipment, which will greatly help Tianda to improve in the future.

Dandan Wang
Process Technology Engineer - Tianda

The BAM provided an exceptional opportunity to network with different experts in the Group. The exchange of experiences and knowledge is important for process improvement.

Gabriela Deslandes
Quality Engineer - VTI


Throughout the week, I had the pleasure of meeting numerous excellent colleagues whose expertise and experience greatly inspired me. We engaged face-to-face on various topics of mutual interest, and I’m confident that these interactions will lead to significant improvements in our business.

Yufeng Wang
Process Technology Engineer - Tianda

It’s clear that all Vallourec teams worldwide are dedicated to continuous improvements. These events, guided by lean principles, will help bridge gaps between current and ideal processes. Sharing best practices strengthens our competitive position. I eagerly anticipate collaborating further this year and at the future BAM events.

Dan Mora
Process Technology Engineer - Vallourec Star

The first BAM on rolling and heat treatment was an excellent opportunity for the different communities to collaborate closely on specific and common topics.
Many attendees visited a different plant and met colleagues from other regions for the first time, fostering future collaborations and problem-solving support.

Even for me, who has "been around the block" a few times, I was able to see something new (i.e., the Forging Process). It is always good to see a facility as sometimes just seeing something might prompt a good idea, such as, 5-S or a Safety improvement. 

Brad Chamberlain
Senior Process Technology Engineer - Vallourec Star