Vallourec joins the IGA The Vallourec group has become a corporate member of the International Geothermal Association (IGA).

05/25/2021 - Energy transition

Vallourec joins the IGA

25/05/2021 - Low carbon energies

The Vallourec group has become a corporate member of the International Geothermal Association (IGA), which has nearly 5000 members in more than 65 countries. 

What is the IGA?

The International Geothermal Association (IGA) is the leading global platform supporting the development of geothermal energy. It is committed to making this energy a real game changer and contributing to the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal No. 7, "to ensure access to reliable, sustainable, modern and affordable energy services for all".  

To achieve this, the IGA has a vast network of scientists, researchers, industrialists, students, international, national and local organizations. Through this community, the IGA aims to encourage, facilitate and promote the research, development and use of geothermal resources worldwide. The aim is to encourage entrepreneurs to use clean technologies and to share scientific and technical information, but also, among other things, to step up the technological agenda and the definition of standards with industrial partners. 

Marit Brommer (IGA)

In the coming decade, we will see the geothermal sector scale up to a mature energy provider that is able to offer a cost-effective, clean, baseload supply to its customers.
I am extremely pleased to welcome Vallourec to our corporate membership as with Vallourec onboard, we can make substantial steps driving the standardization efforts needed for geothermal technologies to be deployed cost-effectively around the globe. I look forward to our collaboration very much.

Dr Marit Brommer Executive Director, IGA

Vallourec and the IGA

The objective of the IGA and its members is to promote technologies related to the use of heat, geothermal exchanges, cooling techniques, etc. The IGA has set up several working groups to discuss standards and practices, and Vallourec is participating in them.

Pierre-Etienne Bougon

Further developing geothermal energy will require standardization of existing practices to increase their efficiency and reduce the capital expenditures needed to develop new projects. Vallourec will bring to the IGA its long-standing expertise in the most critical wells and its knowledge in the field of oil and gas as well as geothermal energy.

Pierre-Etienne Bougon Business Development Manager

Vallourec has extensive experience in providing tubular solutions in the most complex environments (corrosion, high temperature, etc.). Our wide range of corrosion-resistant materials can cope with hot and highly corrosive geothermal fluids (H2S, CO2). The Group is also actively involved in developing new technical solutions (materials and services) that will facilitate the development of this energy, such as vacuum-insulated tubes THERMOCASE® (VIT).