Vallourec has adopted a proactive sustainable development policy. 
At all levels of its organis​ation, the Group strives to be a responsible company.

As one of the global market leaders, Vallourec has an obligation to contribute to ​​responsible use of the planet’s energy resources, while reducing the environmental footprint of its own industrial activity.​

Vallourec is committed to treating all partners fairly and to creating a working environment based on the fundamental values ​​and principles contained in the Group’s Code of Ethics which was updated in 2016 to strengthen Vallourec's commitments.
In 2018, the Group set up a reporting system available online, Vallourec Integrity Line, accessible to Vallourec employees but also to external and occasional collaborators from Vallourec as well as customers, suppliers, service providers and other external stakeholders.

In order to be in a position to meet these challenges, the Group is committed to responsible business practice that complies with three objectives set out in its Sustainable Development Charter.

In 2016, Vallourec prepared its materiality matrix. The Group collected the opinion of its main stakeholders: executive management, employees, investors, customers, suppliers, NGOs and media. This matrix allowed Vallourec to validate that the 30 issues identified were pertinent, and that the importance given to them by the Group is in line with the perspectives of its stakeholders. It also enables Vallourec to identify which subjects must be addressed in priority.

> Materiality matrix: results

Partner of the United Nations Global Compact

Since 2010, Vallourec has been a partner of the United Nations Global CompactIt is committed to promoting and enforcing the 10 fundamental principles of the UN Global Compact, which focus on human rights, labour standards, working conditions, environment and fight against corruption. These principles are the global reference pledge for corporate social responsibility commitment.

The French Global Compact has recently validated for the second time Vallourec’s commitment as “Advanced level”, enhancing its determination to strengthen its actions in the ethical, social and environmental fields.

Vallourec's ​activity report​ and chapter 4 of the Registration document​ outline the ambitious objectives the company has set and the achievements performed by each of its 19​,000 employees.​​

Reconciling economic, environmental and social performance

Vallourec’s proactive commitment to sustainable development is built on three pillars:


Energy to make everything possible - AR 2016/2017

Sustainable performance

Vall​​ourec is part of 4 Euronext Vigeo indices, including World 120,​​
which distinguish the companies achieving the most advanced environmental, social and governance performances, as determined by the review of up to 330 indicators, assessed by Vigeo within 38 sustainability drivers.