World leader in smart tubular solutions—this status carries significant social responsibility with it. We must rise to the challenges that we face every day with our stakeholders.

Our duty toward employees, shareholders, customers, and suppliers is to define the highest standards for corporate social responsibility. At Vallourec, this continuous commitment structures our work and serves as a way to make a difference.

Context & Challenges

Aware of our social and environmental responsibilities, we are pursuing a proactive policy, based on our convictions, to minimize the impact of our activities on the environment and the communities living near our industrial facilities. 
Our approach is formalized in the Group's Sustainable Development Charter. 
Our commitments in these areas have been reflected for more than ten years in the signing of numerous international agreements and partnerships:

Man growing plants and food
Corinne Willecomme

Today, we are ready to accelerate the pace to go even further, by making each of our employees aware of the values of sustainability at all levels of the company. 

Corinne Willecomme Sustainable Development Group Director

Our ambitions

Our daily actions are influenced by three priorities:

  • Respecting our environment and protecting biodiversity by preventing all types of pollution, reducing water consumption, recycling, and reducing disturbance
  • Limiting the use of natural resources and using safe, clean technology
  • Improving the energy efficiency of our equipment and reducing carbon emissions from our production processes (GreenHouse program)
To track progress, we measure and monitor our performance in each country to comply with regulations, improve environmental performance and mitigate environmental risks.
An action plan has been defined to achieve these objectives. It has been approved by Vallourec's Executive Committee:



At the end of 2018, the Supervisory Board decided to create a specialized Committee to assist it on matters relating to strategy in the area of social, environmental and societal responsibility. This Committee's mission is to ensure that the Group anticipates as best it can the extra-financial challenges, opportunities and risks associated with its business in order to promote responsible and harmonious long-term value creation. 

This committee has been maintained, despite the changes in governance, demonstrating the involvement at the highest level of our company.

Corinne Willecomme Sustainable Development Group Director

Materiality analysis

In 2016, with the assistance of a specialized consulting firm, the Group drew up its "materiality analysis" in order to identify the challenges it faced, both from the perspective of its management and that of its stakeholders.

Vallourec has re-launched a new materiality analysis in 2021 to better understand our stakeholders' priorities and align our actions accordingly. Based on the results of this analysis, we are currently developing a roadmap highlighting the next steps to be taken. 

Non-financial performance

Vallourec's initiatives in terms of Environmental, Social and Governmental criteria are widely recognized and, as such, receive high marks each year, rewarding our efforts and our approach and positioning us among the best in our sector.