First virtual presentation of Smartengo Best Fit Smartengo Best Fit was presented during the first Virtual Pipeline Summit.

07/08/2020 - Smartengo

Smartengo Best Fit: Breaking new ground delivering a speech at the first Virtual Pipeline Summit

08/07/2020 -

Thibault Masse, Smartengo Best Fit Business Owner, Vallourec, and Sébastien Leconte, Technology & Innovative Solutions Manager, Serimax, participated in the first Virtual Pipeline Summit, organized by EITEP (Europe Institute for Information and Technology Transfer) on June 30th

Smartengo Best Fit in use

The Virtual Pipeline Summit

This new online event concept gathered more than 600 “virtual” participants from 69 countries, including 180 pipeline operators, and offered extended knowledge transfer and networking opportunities. This summit provided a comprehensive overview and competitive technology showcase of a wide range of solutions related to "Digital Transformation in the Pipeline Industry" in these challenging times.

This event was a great opportunity to present our Smartengo Best Fit digital solution

What is Smartengo Best Fit?

Paving the way for a revolution in line pipe welding operations, this innovative solution is based on accurate pipe-end measurements and unique pipe-end identification. The data is then analyzed to predict the HiLo of all possible pipe-end combinations and to identify pipe-end compatibility – or incompatibility – using an accurate deterministic approach. This enables users to secure the production flow as per the specified HiLo or to reduce the HiLo which can lead to improved weld quality and other operational benefits. 

Pipes on the field

With an easy-to-use mobile app – the “Best-Fit-Finder” – operators scan each pipe-end and the app indicates if the pipes are compatible, allowing them to mark compatibility areas on each pipe. This aims at facilitating pipe fit-up on the firing-line, as well as identifying any incompatible pipe-ends before entering the firing line, preventing a potential bottleneck. 

This solution has demonstrated its efficiency on recent projects on spool bases and offshore, for both welded and seamless pipes. Its benefits can help users reach savings up to 75,000 USD per kilometer, with no additional personnel on site.   

Smartengo Best Fit in use
Smartengo Best Fit in use on the field