Vallourec to present 4 technical papers at AMPP Annual Conference and Expo Vallourec will present four technical papers on materials for OCTG and Line Pipe applications at the upcoming AMPP Annual Conference and Expo in San Antonio, Texas, from March 6-10.

03/03/2022 - Event

Vallourec will present four technical papers on materials for OCTG and Line Pipe applications at the upcoming AMPP Annual Conference and Expo in San Antonio, Texas, from March 6-10. 

The Association for Materials Protection and Performance Conference is one of the main events in the United States presenting the latest information and solutions on corrosion control and protective coatings. The AMPP event will feature a complete program of forums, workshops, technical symposia, and more. All four of Vallourec’s technical papers will be presented during the technical session “Advances in Material for Oil and Gas Production”, in room 005 Juan O’Gorman at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center.

Design of Sour Service Material: Combining Metallurgical Design, Laboratory and Full-Scale Testing Towards a Novel High Strength Sour Service Material

Date: Monday, March 7th at 11:25 am

Speaker: John Fortaillier

Description: The needs of oil and gas operators are challenging us to push the limits in terms of sour service materials by finding the best compromise between high strength steels and good resistance to sulphide stress cracking (SSC). It is in this context that new materials have been developed, so as to respond to increasingly severe service with high level of Specified Minimum Yield Stress (SMYS).

This paper presents the combination of computational modeling methods, advanced metallurgical characterization techniques, scale-up methods (from laboratory to mass production) for designing sour service steel grades with improved SSC resistance.


Very High Strength Low Alloy steels for HPHT Applications

Date: Monday, March 7th at 1pm

Speaker: Florian Thébault

Description: High Pressure and High Temperature (HPHT) applications require OCTG products with increasing yield strengths, at least up to 140ksi. A single steel grade has been designed so as to be suitable for a wide range of tubular products, from casing to thick accessories (up to 2.2 inch). This paper describes the qualification approach applied for field projects using NACE TM0177 method A and D.


Improved Girth Welding on Seamless Line Pipe for High H2S Partial Pressure Condition

Date: Monday, March 7th at 2:35 pm

Speakers: Florian Thébault

Description: The Oil and Gas industry is more and more cautious about the risk of Sulfide Stress Cracking when low alloyed steels are in contact with aqueous environments saturated by high partial pressures of H2S. Recent works have highlighted the existence of a threshold partial pressure of H2S below 10 bar for TMCP seamwelded pipes. 

In this paper, a similar situation has been observed for girth welds on X65 seamless pipes: acceptable welds based on hardness data passed at 1 bar H2S NACE Solution A, but failed in a fit-for-purpose condition of 6.8 bar H2S. Improved welding procedure has been defined for reaching the appropriate SSC resistance at this H2S partial pressure. It is recommended to evaluate the SSC resistance of girth welds at the field H2S partial pressure when superior to 1 bar.


Corrosion Fatigue of X80 Weld in Mild Sour Environment

Date: Tuesday, March 8th at 8:35 am

Speakers: Laurent Ladeuille

Description: High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) wells usually require the application of heavy wall pipes for steel risers in conventional grade. The utilization of higher-strength grade such as X80 reduces the constraints related to the manufacturing and the installation by saving line pipe weight. 

In this technical paper co-signed by ExxonMobil, Subsea 7 and Vallourec, the results of the fatigue endurance tests on grade X80 at in-air and in mild sour environments are presented. The in-air fatigue performance of the X80 girth weld was found to be comparable to X65 tested in similar conditions; the results exceeded the BS 7608 class E target curve.

For more information on AMPP’s event program and registration visit: Registration - AMPP Annual Conference + Expo

Vallourec’s presentations will be available on-demand after the event. 


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