Vallourec Bearing Tubes rewarded by Schaeffler Vallourec Bearing Tubes received the “Best Value Improvement” award from the Schaeffler group.

07/10/2019 - Activity and markets

Vallourec Bearing Tubes rewarded by its customer Schaeffler

07/10/2019 - 

Vallourec Bearing Tubes received the “Best Value Improvement” award from the Schaeffler group.

Vallourec Bearing Tubes, one of the Group's French subsidiaries, provides a wide range of bearing tubes and rings for the automotive industry and other industrial applications. It is located in Montbard, in Burgundy. The German group Schaeffler, one of the main manufacturers in the world market of bearings, components and systems for automotive, aerospace and industrial, is one of its main customers. 


Schaeffler’s recognition 

Among its 9,000 production material suppliers, Schaeffler selected and invited 130 major and strategic suppliers in their headquarters in Herzogenaurach to attend a special event hosted by Andreas Schick, Chief Operating Officer of Schaeffler. During this ceremony, twenty suppliers had been honored for their outstanding performance.
Represented by Thierry Wolkiewiez, Managing Director, Georges Bittès, Sales and R&D Director, and Michael Wittwer, Sales Manager for Schaeffler group Vallourec Bearing Tubes was distinguished with the “Best Value Improvement” award for its Smartube solution. 

The Smartube solution 

Smartube is a simplified and competitive tube for bearing components. It has been invented by Vallourec Bearing Tubes and designed to take advantage of Vallourec’s technical strong points and know-how along the supply chain: the steel billets come from HKM, the hot rolling operations are performed in our Mülheim tube mill, the tubes are then heat treated and finished in our Montbard plant. This new product line has become a real commercial and technical success for our customers.