Vallourec was present at the 2022 Hydrogen & Carbon Capture Technology Expos at Bremen, Germany On October 19 and 20 2022, Vallourec was back at the Hydrogen & Carbon Capture Technology Expos in Bremen, Germany.

10/25/2022 - Event

On October 19 and 20 2022, Vallourec was back at the Hydrogen & Carbon Capture Technology Expos in Bremen, Germany, presenting its solutions for both technologies at its booth and through technical presentations.

For hydrogen and carbon capture technologies to prosper and contribute to the energy transition, a number of technical and economic challenges must be addressed. The Carbon Hydrogen & Capture Technology Expos in Bremen, Germany, are the leading international events showcasing development solutions for carbon capture and hydrogen, as demonstrated by the 2022 edition that brought together over 350 exhibitors and 5,000 visitors.

Once again this year, Vallourec participated as an exhibitor, taking this opportunity to present Vallourec® New Energies, its dedicated portfolio of solutions for the energy transition, which includes steel grades, VAM® connections and services qualified for the safe storage and transportation of carbon and hydrogen.

Read more about Vallourec® New Energies.

Attendees were invited to visit our booth and discussed their project needs with our experts, showing strong interest in our solutions and engaging on very specific projects.

During the conference attended by over 800 people, Vallourec experts gave technical presentations on specific topics. Vincent Designolle, Vallourec Hydrogen Director, gave a presentation titled “Hydrogen Storage: Scaling up Storage Solutions for a Robust Hydrogen Supply Chain” focusing on the infrastructure needed to support development of the hydrogen supply chain.

Leila Faramarzi, Vallourec CCUS Director, also took the stage with a presentation titled “CO2 Transport Infrastructure: The Key to Unlock the CCUS Value Chain” introducing key aspects for safe, reliable, and cost-effective design of CO2 transport infrastructure and aiming to make these available to project developers, decision makers and regulators working on CO2 transport projects.

Vallourec technical presentations ADIPEC 2022

Visitor and attendee feedback were very positive, congratulating Vallourec on its thoroughness in understanding CCUS and hydrogen challenges and anticipating infrastructure needs.

Overall, the event was an important opportunity to meet with key industry decision makers and establish key contacts for our future business development. Vallourec teams were proud to be a part of this exchange and to contribute to further knowledge on these two vital energy transition technologies.

Vallourec technical presentations ADIPEC 2022