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The approval of our X100 enlarges our Oceanfit®-series

The Vallourec’s X100 approval enlarges its Oceanfit®-series and opens up new business opportunities.

The Vallourec’s X100 approval enlarges its Oceanfit®-series and opens up new business opportunities

28/07/2020 – Offshore

After about one and a half years, more than 1000 test samples and appropriate welding tests that were carried out, Vallourec successfully received the American Bureau of Shipping approval for construction tubes in X100 steel grade produced in a Group’s rolling mill in Düsseldorf, Germany.

The X100 steel grade belongs to the Vallourec Oceanfit®-series and stands for high strength and high toughness in combination with an outstanding weldability. These properties make it the ideal material for use in the offshore segment - where tubes are permanently exposed to harsh environmental conditions such as waves, water current and low temperatures. The newly alloying concept developed by Vallourec is certified according to recognized classification societies down to -60°C and makes it suitable for arctic applications.

These tubes are a smart solution for the construction of Jack-up rigs and Wind Turbine Installation Vessels (WTIV) for offshore wind farms. High resistance against quasistatic fracture at critical zones in the weld make the X100 the right material for bracings of WTIV. The X100 tubes are used here in welded truss constructions, for the bracings inside the legs. These bracings are used to stiffen the vertical racks and chords on which the Jack-up rig or WTIV is lifted out of the water.

Features of our X100 tubes

Vallourec`s X100 tubes offer the following characteristics: high strength, high toughness and better weldability compared to current alloying concepts for quenched and tempered seamless pipes. The well-balanced micro-alloying concept allows lowering of the fabrication costs in the shipyard due to reduction of preheating temperature and increasing of the welding parameter window in general.

Less risk against hardness cracks and hydrogen induced cracking can be guaranteed due to the low carbon content. They are available in the dimensional size range for the current and future designs of self-elevating structures. 

Vallourec’s X100 structural tubes complement its Oceanfit®-series for the offshore market and are in line with the Group’s strategy of developing smart tubular  solutions for the energy transition.