Your challenges, Our solutions

Bringing excellence to your industrial projects

Vallourec, a leading producer of hot-rolled seamless steel tubes, contributes to the success of your industrial projects.
Our tubes come in a full range of steel grades, dimensions and shapes. Our seamless tubes are designed and used in a variety of applications: architectural constructions such as roof spans, bridges, and offshore wind projects; cranes and lifting equipment; agricultural and industrial machinery; and vehicles like cars, trucks, trains, and roller coasters, among others. Vallourec can manufacture products to fit any customer’s requirements.

Whatever your needs are, we make sure to devise a solution that matches the specificities of your application.
Our products are supplied directly by us or via distributors. This allows for the purchase of small quantities and for shorter lead times. 

A comprehensive portfolio of tubes for the automotive and railway industries

For the automotive industry

Vallourec’s line of automotive portfolio offer automotive manufacturers high-quality, durable and cost-effective solutions, for passenger, commercial and heavy-duty vehicles. 

  • Axles for car and truck trailers of all types and sizes, and rear drive axles for trucks and vans, special vehicles, and heavy-duty vehicles. Axles, axle parts and housings of commercial and heavy-duty vehicles require long-term strength and toughness. Thus, the tubes and sections used as the base material need to be high-quality and durable. Our seamless steel tubes and square and rectangular hollow sections (MSH) are outstanding for their tensile strength and toughness. Special high-strength grades are also available for more demanding axle applications.
  • Precision tubes for applications like airbags, diesel injection pipes, gear shafts, transmission and suspension components. Vallourec uses its in-depth knowledge of cold drawing in order to manufacture high-quality hollows for precision tubes in a wide range of grades and dimensions, including unique long-length tubes.
  • Bearing tubes for automotive applications. Vallourec is a European leader in the production of seamless high-precision tubes and net-shaped rings, which are designed for bearing and mechanical industrial applications. Our products include hot- and cold-rolled tubes, as well as cuts, made to any customer specifications. 

For the railway industry

  • Tubular Railway Axles to increase wagon load capacity for transport. Vallourec is proud to have developed a Tubular Railway Axle that weighs 40% less than a conventional solid bar axle. This technology meets all chemical and mechanical standards required for this usage, while reducing a wagon’s tare by one ton. This innovation limits the number of trips required to deliver the same amount of cargo and brings down component maintenance costs.

Fulfilling onshore and offshore project specifications

With a wide range of tubular products, Vallourec remains a trusted partner for construction of onshore and offshore projects. Over the years, our solutions have been integrated into major projects around the world.

Onshore projects

For many years, Vallourec has been producing quality steel frame structures, and more specifically hot-rolled circular, square and rectangular MSH sections. Our solutions have been successfully integrated into some of the world’s most stunning architectural and structural projects. They have been used to construct iconic stadiums (Wembley Stadium in London, Stade de France in Paris, Allianz Arena in Munich), airports (New Bangkok International Airport, Hong Kong Airport), train stations (Berlin Central Station), and halls (Landesmess in Stuttgart, Hall 3 in Frankfurt). 

Also, in order to give buildings and structures a safe and solid foundation even on unstable ground, micropiles are used for stabilization. Vallourec’s Tecnipile® range of hot finished seamless tubes offers ideal solutions for all kinds of micropile applications, including building foundations of all kinds, mounting pads and stabilizers for landslide and flood areas.
Our products are also integrated into the construction of rollercoasters and other types of amusement rides. Steel girders made of our rectangular and square MSH sections are used in the design of rail systems. 

In addition, Vallourec developed PREON® box, a unique iterative planning software for column-free hall construction. This technology drastically simplifies the construction of wide-span steel structures and saves up to 30% in materials. Easy to use, it provides the planning data needed for processing a project at every phase, from foundation to detailed engineering. 

As your trusted partner, our teams work directly with architects and engineering consulting firms for all of our projects.

Offshore projects

With products that resist harsh environmental conditions (including saltwater corrosion, fierce storms and very low temperatures), Vallourec provides solutions for the technological challenges inherent in offshore projects such as wind farms, subsea structures, platforms, jack-up rigs and installation vessels.

With the standard range of MSH sections as well as a series of special grades, our solutions meet all specific requirements for offshore applications. Vallourec has additionally developed PREON® marine, an innovative system for offshore wind turbine foundations.  

Vallourec provides ideal construction elements for all needs in subsea applications. The mechanical, technological and geometric characteristics of our MSH sections meet and exceed defined standards in order to ensure cost-effective construction, durability and the safe operation of subsea systems. 

Today, designing modern jack-up rigs necessitates the optimization of construction, assembly, operation and maintenance processes. With mechanical properties exceeding all relevant standards, and excellent weldability—not to mention a wide range of outside diameters, wall thicknesses and special grades for offshore applications—Vallourec offers a comprehensive selection of tubes for the cost-effective construction of strong and durable rig modules. 

The need for increased drilling capabilities in midwater and deepwater exploration areas as well as the evolution of offshore wind farms has led in recent years to the design and construction of new floating equipment. Nowadays, drilling ships and special-purpose vessels feature highly efficient layouts with optimized dimensions and integrated application-specific units. Vallourec offers a comprehensive array of tubes for the cost-effective construction of the topside structures of special purpose vessels. 

Taking on your challenges: the Borssele Wind Farm Substation
In 2018, with RijnDijk, a Dutch steel construction specialist, Vallourec supplied 350 tons of Structural Hollow Sections (MSH) as part of the construction of the Borssele Wind Farm substation. Located off of the coast of the Dutch province Zeeland, the substation needed to withstand strong winds, extreme humidity and high salinity. Our team’s contribution to the project was the provision of MSH sections suitable for these complex conditions. 

For all your construction projects, Vallourec brings you with the solutions you need.

Flawless tubes for defense and security applications

Vallourec’s tubes meet the stringent requirements of the defense industry.  The characteristics of our seamless steel tubes make them particularly well adapted to usage as structural components. They have high resistance to tension and bending, significant load capacity, good weldability and many other advantages. 

Our products can be used, for example, in Roll Over Protection Systems for light military vehicles and in chassis frame parts and axles for special military vehicles.

Vallourec can work with you to develop customized solutions and supply test material in small quantities.

The ideal material for a huge variety of mechanical engineering applications

Vallourec has developed rich expertise in the field of mechanical equipment, partnering with major players to provide tubular components for agricultural machines, construction, mining and lift equipment, as well as for cranes.


Our hot-formed square and rectangular MSH sections produced in a wide range of specific grades make the ideal material for agricultural equipment frames or hollow section-based structures like bridges. Their high load-bearing capacity, excellent weldability and tight corner radii optimize any type of design and component connection.

Vallourec also manufactures key components for all types of crane constructions. From small truck-mounted and tower cranes to heavy-duty crawler cranes, our solutions are tailored to each need. With hot-finished mechanical tubes and structural hollow sections of different diameters, wall thicknesses and grades, our products boast high buckling resistance under tensile and compressive loads. We are proud to offer slim and durable high-strength designs for loads involving cyclic vibratory stresses.

The advantages of Vallourec mechanical tubes for hydraulic cylinders are widely recognized. They are used worldwide by leading manufacturers of hydraulic units for cranes, roof supports, hydraulic shields, and heavy earth-moving and agricultural equipment