Our teams


Our more than 17,000 employees are our primary resource.

Workers, administrative staff, technicians, supervisors, executives—everyone contributes to Vallourec’s performance daily through their commitment and their motivation. They also work this way because they feel good here. This result is not a mere coincidence. It is based on one of the group’s fundamental values: respect. This includes respect for people (by encouraging gender diversity); respect for diverse cultures, profiles, and paths; and, last but not least, respect for our teams’ safety. The group has a long tradition of doing everything in its power to ensure the best working environment possible for all of its employees.

Key figures
  • 17,000 Employees
  • 68% Workers
  • 16% Employees, technicians, and supervisors
  • 16% Executives

Expertise and occupations

Vallourec invests in its employees by offering them various occupations within an innovative, predominantly technical environment.
Individuals’ motivations and investments are matched with numerous, personalized career opportunities in France and worldwide. In order to encourage our employees to pursue their career goals, we have made training a strategic part of our HR policy.
Vallourec is a close-knit company where everyone has an impact and everyone can make a difference provided that the individual is acting in accordance with our values.

distribution of vallourec's workforce by geographical zone and professionnal and sociological category
Vallourec's headcounts repartition by gender in 2019

Employee profiles

Transparency, sharing, and trust fundamentally enhance Vallourec’s performance. They certainly do with regard to our customers and stakeholders, and they especially do with regard to our employees. But beyond these assertions, what is the everyday reality? How do we attract the best and keep them? What challenges do we offer these talented people? What constructive, fulfilling paths do we provide for them within the group? How do we make them proud of their work? Confident in their future at the company? Faced with these challenges, we have chosen a simple, sensible approach: we're going to have them tell you what their lives at Vallourec are like.

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