Vallourec’s role in the safe deployment of CCUS infrastructures at scale

03/06/2021 - Low carbon energies

On April 15, 2021, Vallourec and World Oil held a live webcast showcasing Vallourec’s expertise, products and services for Carbon Capture, Utilization & Storage (CCUS). Ali Meschi Amoli, CCUS Project and Business Developer, and Alvaro Rodriguez, Product Marketing and Development Manager, presented our range of solutions for installing CCUS infrastructure at scale. Building on their solid expertise, they shared their vision of this sector and its technical challenges and provided insights on Vallourec’s key offerings to support current and future CCUS projects. The webcast was a major success with 370 attendees and more than 40 questions asked throughout the presentation. 

CCUS: an emerging technology for industrial decarbonization

CCUS is essential to achieving clean industrial growth and net-zero emissions. The technology is gaining momentum thanks to policy support and government financing, and several large-scale CCUS projects around the world are now starting production.

Yet plenty of challenges remain: safe and cost-effective implementation requires de-risking the entire CO2 value chain, from source to sink. To safely transport and store CO2, companies must choose high-quality materials able to withstand low temperatures, high pressures and corrosive environments. 

Vallourec, a recognized industry leader with strong ambitions in Energy Transition, has a comprehensive portfolio of tubular products and strong R&D assets, making it a partner of choice for operators in the emerging CCUS sector.

Alvaro Rodriguez

We are currently engaged in several CCUS projects all over the world, including Offshore and onshore transport and storage of CO2 in the Middle East, North America and Europe.

Alvaro Rodriguez Product Marketing and Development Manager

De-risking the CCUS value chain

As part of its strong expertise, Vallourec provides material and connection recommendations throughout the CCUS value chain, starting from the emission source and adapting product design and qualification protocols as per project needs.

As carbon capture becomes more widely adopted by industries, CO2 streams will become more complex and new impurities such as O2, NOx and SOx will emerge in CO2. This is in addition to water and H2S which are historically known to the oil and gas industry. “As of now, there is no universal standard for CO2 purification levels, which could trigger a conflict of interest between different stakeholders along the CCUS value chain,” says Ali Meschi Amoli. 

Vallourec can work with stakeholders to improve global project standards. “Purification specifications need to be defined such that the global cost of the entire value chain is optimized” Ali Meschi Amoli explains. This sensitivity analysis will significantly impact the choice of materials and products. Vallourec will leverage its resources and expertise to support the operators to choose the right solutions based on the result of this global analysis.


Products and services for CO2 transport and storage

Vallourec is an end-to-end supplier with solutions for every step of the value chain. “Our approach is to select a technically suitable solution, which is also the most cost-effective,” explains Alvaro Rodriguez.

“Working closely with clients, we tailor our high-quality tubes and connections to even the most complex CCUS projects”. To this end, Vallourec offers a range of products and services for CO2 transport and storage:

  • Seamless tubular products: our line pipes, umbilical steel tubes, casings, premium VAM® connections and accessories ensure efficient CO2 transport and storage. Tubes can be made in a range of diameters and different materials, including stainless carbon steel and corrosion resistant alloys (CRAs). 

  • Services and expertise: the Group offers expert material recommendations based on risk / cost analysis and rigorous protocols like NACE MR017. It can also assist with well design and connection qualifications, as well as finite element analysis (FEA) and testing to ensure reliability. 

  • Digital solutions: Vallourec’s Smartengo services include traceability, inventory monitoring and best-fit analysis. The new Intelligent Pipe solution enables well monitoring and data collection.
Vallourec’s product design and materials selection address the major risks of CO2 transport, including hydrogen cracking and corrosion fatigue as well as crack propagation. “Seamless pipes are rarely susceptible to hydrogen cracking and are also well positioned to transport high pressure fluids such as dense/supercritical CO2”, says Ali Meschi Amoli. 

Equally, the storage solutions ensure well longevity and performance. “We know that these wells are supposed to be used for at least 20 or 25 years of injection,” says Alvaro Rodriguez. “Proper material selection ensures well performance and integrity in the long-term.”

Vallourec helps clients handle corrosion issues and low temperature specs using our material testing expertise, FEA simulation capabilities, connection qualification programs and cost-efficient product selection approach.

Ali Meschi Amoli

We are currently engaged in several CCUS projects all over the world, including Offshore and onshore transport and storage of CO2 in the Middle East, North America and Europe.

Ali Meschi Amoli CCUS Project and Business Developer

Keeping the technical dialog open with our customers…

At Vallourec, we are committed to staying in close contact with our clients and prospects, supporting them with our products and services. This webcast is part of a series designed to explore their technical challenges and explain how we can help overcome them.

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