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For over 70 years in Brazil, Vallourec has been a world reference in the delivery of premium seamless pipes and smart tubular solutions for the Oil and Gas industry. In an increasingly challenging environment, innovation and competitiveness move us, so we can be the best partner for our customers.
We offer products and services for all steps of Oil & Gas customer's value chain: 

  • Exploration and production development
  • Transportation and Distribution
  • Hydrocarbon Processing


Our OCTG solutions include pipes for well construction and completion - Casing, Tubing, Premium VAM® Connections, beyond a complete line of specialized services and Digital solutions in the three different E&P environments in Brazil:

  • Offshore Pre-Salt
  • Conventional Offshore  
  • Onshore 

Pipeline Projects

Vallourec is a world reference in Project Line Pipe (onshore and offshore), with an extensive track record in the most important projects of its kind, including onshore Pipelines as well as subsea Flowlines and Rigid Risers in Brazilian pre salt fields. 

• Sour service grades
• Dimensions with strict tolerances 
• Heavy and Super Heavy Walls
• Cutting edge measurement and machining
• Project Management

We offer technology and the best cost efficiency for projects, meeting the right specs of each Operator or EPCI. 

Hydrocarbon Processing Pipes

Hydrocarbon processing projects require a wide variety of seamless steel pipes, as line pipes and heat exchanger tubes. Vallourec offers carbon and alloy steel pipes, for Plant owners, EPCs, and major local Distributors. These pipes are applied in new builds (Greenfield), maintenance and modernization of:   

  • Refineries 
  • Petrochemicals 
  • FPSOs
  • Gas Processing
We offer competitive and innovative solutions, on time delivery and operational excellence in the execution of every project. 

Your best partner in the most challenging industrial applications

We create the right solution that meets the customers' most tight requirements for:  

  • Automotive - light and heavy vehicles 
  • Mechanical engineering, machinery & equipment  
  • Infrastructure and construction projects
Beyond the tubes, Vallourec can provide finished components through added services carried out at our facilities or by selected partners. 


Vallourec offers tubular solutions for cars, trucks, buses, trailers and motorcycles. We delivery hot rolled, cold drawn and forged tubes and components directly for OEMs and its tier1-2 suppliers. The main applications are for the systems: 

  • suspension
  • transmission 
  • steering

Forged components: Vallourec has a state of the art Forge facility. We can produce finished parts or machined as Integral Axles which guarantee the safety and integrity of the vehicles. 

Mechanical engineering, machinery and equipment

Vallourec offers hot rolled, cold drawn and shaped tubes for several mechanical engineering applications as:  

  • agricultural and construction machinery 
  • railway wagons 
  • drill rods for mining
  • hydraylic cylinders and circuits
  • gas cylinders
  • bearings

Tubular railway axle: new product patented by Vallourec which improve the efficiency of heavy haul applications. This lightweight axle increases the wagon capacity and reduces costs with fuel and wheelset components. 

Cold drawn and shaped components: high precision, tight tolerances with superior mechanical properties. These tubes increase customer productivity, by the improvement the machining operations

Construction & Infrastructure

Our solutions – rectangular, squared and circular shaped tubes are applied in structural elements as columns, truss, beams and foundations in several projects as: 

  • Bridges and footbridges 
  • Sports arenas and exhibitions building 
  • Ports and airports 
  • Industrial and commercial 

Vallourec work side by side with engineering, consulting and architecture companies to optimize the design to create value for your project: 

  • Reduce weight and increase resistance 
  • Reduce construction time, improving project management 
  • Improve visual aspect/ construction design 

Renewable energy : an expanding market

The clean energy and low carbon technologies represent a growth market, and Brazil is one of the key countries in this energy revolution.
Vallourec offers dedicated tubular solutions for this market, especially for Biomass and Wind Power.


Biomass is a type o organic raw material that is used to produce electricity. The Sugar & Ethanol and Pulp & Paper are the leading sectors in the power generation from biomass, presenting the high efficiency processes for cogeneration. 

Vallourec deliveries tubular solutions that equip Boilers and Heat exchangers used in these industries, including carbon and alloy grades, fit for purpose according to each Project/equipment design. 

VBRMo4: is new grade with the best cost-efficiency in the market. These seamless carbon steel tubes have a lifetime of, at least, four times longer than the welded tubes used in the boiler’s pre heaters of the sugar and ethanol mills. 


Wind power is generated during the transformation the air movements into electricity. For these type of power generation, wind farms are built, where they can be located onshore or offshore. One of the main equipment from those farms is the turbines, which converts the wind into energy.  

Vallourec supplies structural tubes for the rear frames, which is an important component of the wind turbine.  

Innovative Solutions for your business is a new concept in smart tubular solutions that combines digital and physical services to support our customers throughout their whole value chain. It is the most complete tubular service package which can be carried out in our facilities or wherever the client may need them. These services are leveraged by the powerful cloud based platform which enables an easy connection with other systems and software thought APIs. All of it with the highest standards in cyber security. Solutions for OCTG

For the OCTG segment offers solutions from the well design to the well production and maintenance management. Through VTS – Vallourec Transport and Services, a world class service center, Vallourec performs the widest range of Tubular Management Services in Brazil. The solutions provide improvements in the operational safety, reduction of operation costs and optimization of asset management from our customers. 

  • OCTG Probabilistic Design 
  • Technical Support for Well Design 
  • Smartengo Inventory 
  • Rig Prep & Rig Return 
  • Rig Packaging 
  • Accessories & Equip. Rental 
  • Transportation 
  • VAM Field Service 
  • Smartengo Running Expert 
  • Tubular Life History 
  • String DNA Solutions for PLP

For the Line Pipe project value chain, besides simplify the process, our solutions provide reduction of total operation costs and speed up time for project execution. For offshore applications, Vallourec can offer the full supply chain for Risers and Flowlines fabrication, at TSA One Stop Shop service center or through external partners. The Digital Databook is a new online tool that enhanced the level of project management, connecting data from all partners and bringing high visibility of project execution for our customers, Operators or EPCIs. 

  • End truing  
  • Anti-Corrosive Coating 
  • Thermal Insulation Coating 
  • Double Joint Welding 
  • Bends 
  • Mechanically Lined Pipes - MLP 
  • Project Management 
  • Storage and Logistics 
  • Digital Databook 

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