Smartengo, winner of the Grand Prix Performance Métier Congratulations to the Serimax teams for successfully completing the IDOHO project with Subsea 7 and Exxon Mobil!

02/27/2020 - Digital

Smartengo, winner of the Grand Prix Performance Métier 2020 awarded by IMA

27/02/2020 - SMART

The IMA (Innovation Makers Alliance) organized a few days ago its annual convention of Digital Innovation Makers (DIMS) in Paris. The “Innovation Makers Awards 2020”, presented on this occasion, highlighted our digital offer Smartengo which won the “Grand Prix Performance Métier 2020”.

This year's awards rewarded the companies with the most outstanding achievements in technological and digital innovation projects, in artificial intelligence and augmented enterprise.

This event brought together more than 400 innovation managers representing 90 major companies: an excellent opportunity to reinforce our image as an innovative player in the market, resolutely turned towards digital!

The jury, composed of 6 Innovation Directors from leading French companies, distinguished Smartengo, illustrated by the Smartengo Best Fit solution, competing in its category with companies such as EDF, Société Générale or TOTAL.

Yvan Rivaux, Director, and Amélie de Surmont, Booster Director, presented the project with a specific focus on the exploitation and valorization of data.

The jury emphasized in particular the pragmatism of our customer-centric digital approach and the successful monetization of our solutions.

IMA (Innovation Makers Alliance)

Created in June 2015, the IMA brings together nearly 3,500 strategic and operational managers in technological and digital innovation from 94 major French groups, companies and administrations, with the aim of bringing together and developing innovative initiatives.

A customer-centric digital approach

Whether it is Smartengo Best Fit, which facilitates the fit-up of pipes for pipeline construction, Smartengo Running Expert, which optimizes running operations, or Smartengo Inventory, which simplifies tubular management, all these solutions originate from a customer issue identified and analyzed in order to design the best digital response.

From the moment an idea enters the booster, at all stages of the process leading to the development of the solution, there are two essential conditions for continuing the project: to provide a true added value to the customer and to ensure that it is significant enough to enable us to make an attractive value proposition.

This is one of the aspects of the project highlighted during the presentation to the jury. Overall, whatever the solution, the customer accelerates its operations, limits risks and improves its performance, resulting in significant cost savings.


With our Smartengo Best Fit solution, our customers save approximately 15% in time during their operations and a commensurate cost saving.

Amélie de Surmont Booster Director

Our customers' expectations are constantly changing. The agility of our booster which accelerates projects is one of our decisive assets and a key element of our success.


Our value propositions are continuously evolving to keep pace with our customers' evolving issues. Our capacity for innovation allows us to adapt to their needs by offering them tailor-made solutions.

Yvan Rivaux Director

Data at the heart of Smartengo

Digital means multiplying data: being able to collect, analyze and exploit it is the daily challenge of the of the Smartengo team

First of all,  it is a human challenge that had to be taken up by managing to build a team from scratch and by integrating professions hitherto unknown in our industrial environment: for example data scientists, application developers or UX designers (User eXperience).

All these skills are involved at different stages of the project, from data collection to complex analysis that results in powerful algorithms that enable the development of our solutions. 

The results of the analysis of this data must then be made available to the customer via an ergonomic mobile application (developed by our Valenciennes teams), as intuitive as possible. This fluid user experience is provided by our UX designer.

Kudos to all of our experts and to the entire Smartengo team for this success!

Example of data processing for Smartengo Best Fit

  • 360 points measured on the pipe-end of each tube
  • 2000 tubes = 1000 billion data
  • 129600 data per couple