VAM® Far East obtains the API Q2 certification

09/09/2020 - Oil & Gas

The API Q2 specification represents today the highest level of certification for quality management and above all risk management in Oil Field Services.
VAM Far East receives API Q2 qualification

The certification

Already, Vallourec plants are all API Q1 certified. The API Q1 certification focuses on manufacturing processes, whereas API Q2 focuses on the consistency and reliability of service providers. Other Vallourec entities already have this certification, such as Vallourec Transport and Services in Brazil in 2018, or VAM USA in 2019.

Now, it is our VAM® Far East team, located in Singapore, who dedicated time and effort to meet the rigorous standards of API Q2. VAM® Far East is at the forefront of field services to help operators reduce running costs and improve operational efficiency, thanks to a large portfolio that includes running supervision, pipe yard inspections and tool rentals.

The photo on the left was taken in 2018 by Philippe Zamora.

A team effort

The API Q2 specification confirms that they have robust procedures in place to ensure safety, quality, employee competency, operational efficiency, and to maintain customer satisfaction among other key quality management system elements.

As part of our strategy to achieve API Q2 certification, Management took a decision in 2018 to implement the API Q2 Quality Management System. We went through a painstaking and rigorous process of reviewing, revamping and documenting our business processes. This certification will send a strong message to our stakeholders that we take quality and customer service very seriously. On this note, on behalf of the Management, I would like to commend the entire staff, and the Management Representative for this prestigious achievement.

Shaun Blues Managing Director of VAM® Far East
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