Vallourec strenghtens its partnership with Baker Hughes in Singapore

08/10/2020 - Partnerships

Vallourec provides threading services at Baker Hughes’ - a leading energy technology company - facilities in Singapore. Previously, the threading of our VAM® connections was performed by the customer under license. It is now carried out by Vallourec’s teams in a brand-new threading cell at their premises. 

A brand-new installation

This installation allows for complete flexibility along with the expertise and high-quality standards offered by our team. It also represents a major improvement in terms of transportation and logistics. We are now able to satisfy accessory requests within a few days reducing lead times by approximately 50%. Furthermore, less handling of heavy parts will reduce safety risks and potential damage to the customer’s goods. 
Anthony Lasjournades

We have a long-standing partnership with this client and a trusted relationship based on successful designs. Two threading cells have already been set up in the US by Vallourec Tube Alloy at Baker Hughes' facility to their complete satisfaction.

Anthony Lasjournades Business Unit Manager

Even closer to our customers

VAPC (Vallourec Asia Pacific Corp.) has been supporting VAM® users in the region from its dedicated accessories plant in Singapore for 5 years. More generally, it provides a full range of products and services to support Oil & Gas equipment manufacturers as well as operators based in the region whose projects require high added-value tubular solutions. 

This new threading cell demonstrates Vallourec’s commitment to be even closer to its customers. Especially in the current context, the Group is more than ever pursuing its strategy of forging or strengthening lasting partnerships with its clients to help them improve the performance of their operations while ensuring the safety and reducing costs.
Group photo with Baker Hughes
Benoit Chambert-Loir

This new commercial and industrial partnership is a decisive milestone in our relationship with Baker Hughes. It demonstrates our key customer's trust in Vallourec's commitment and operational excellence. 

Benoît Chambert-Loir Key Account Manager Baker Hughes