Services for customers, today and tomorrow Drawing on our solid reputation, international presence and years of experience, we are going beyond the provision of products to offer customers premium services.

02/10/2021 - SMART

by William Gamisans

For more than 120 years, Vallourec has supported customers the world over with high quality tubular products that promise strength, security and reliability. Today, drawing on our solid reputation, international presence and years of experience, we are going beyond the provision of products to offer customers premium services.

With, the Group offers its customers a complete package combining field services and digital solutions, the latter developed under our Smartengo brand. By helping our customers choose the right products for their purpose and then use them to maximum effectiveness, Vallourec offers significant added value - improving overall operational efficiency, enhancing safety, reducing costs, and maximizing productivity.   

Saving customers time and money: the service offer

Our portfolio of integrated solutions is focused on two main areas: supply chain and asset construction. 

Vallourec’s supply chain services cover four main fields: procurement, inventory management, preparation and returns. Through our procurement services, we enable customers to purchase supply goods online, saving time through a streamlined process. Our inventory management solutions help customers deal with the often long lead times within the supply chain.

We also go beyond simply providing products by preparing those products for use, through our field services. We perform tasks such as coating, cutting to length, assembling and adding accessories to ensure that products are ready to use upon delivery for maximum efficiency. Once a project is complete, Our AssetUp solution allows us to manage returns of surplus product, including inspecting unused product and recycling wherever possible, saving customers time and money, and shrinking environmental footprint by reducing waste. 

Through our involvement in the asset construction process, Vallourec helps customers boost the efficiency of their installation process and thus improve productivity. We offer QA/QC services and tubular running supervision to ensure products are properly run and that the end user enjoys optimal product performance. In addition, our digital solutions enable end users to install products with the highest possible efficiency. As an example our Smartengo Running Expert digital solution optimizes the sequencing of pipes on the drill floor and prevents mistakes and costly delays. Finally, our smart components surrounding our tubular products such as the latest Integrated Cable Clamp can accelerate operations and enhance productivity.

An expanding services portfolio

Today, Vallourec is going even further in providing end-to-end services to customers.

With our experience and an international network of industry-leading experts, we are perfectly positioned to offer customers project engineering support. We can help them evaluate how our products will behave in their environment and overcome their specific challenges. In the case of well design, for example, Vallourec engineers can propose tubular design options, comparing performance and safety factors, and make product recommendations taking into account quality, cost and risks.

Our final set of services supports life of field. Vallourec is developing intelligent tools to monitor the tubular environment through sensors that provide valuable information to the end user. Embedded functions can simplify well design and offer the possibility of measuring certain aspects of the asset. This can both boost asset integrity and optimize productivity. 

Harnessing the power of digital

The offer includes an ever-increasing number of digital solutions that have myriad advantages for customers, including time and costs savings, greater operational efficiency, and higher productivity. Our dedicated Smartengo teams work specifically on the high value-added digital services. 

Building on unique pipe identification, traceability and user-friendly applications, Vallourec’s Smartengo solutions helps customers optimize operations and improve the management of assets. From SmartengoTM E-commerce, an online marketplace for Vallourec products, to Smartengo Best Fit, a digital solution for traceability, fit-up and pipeline construction, our digital service offer leverages the latest technologies to support operational performance and, ultimately, reduce total cost of ownership. 

Vallourec Services for customers

A .smarter future

Vallourec customers have long been convinced of the quality of our products. Now, many of them are discovering the value in our role as a service provider.

We operate at the intersection between innovative solutions and product expertise, also offering customers the advantages of accessible technical data associated with our products. It is through these links and synergies that we truly add value to our customers’ operations. 

As more customers reap the benefits of the comprehensive offer, our reputation for premium services is catching up with our reputation for product excellence. In the future, services will become an increasingly important part of our offer as we grow into our role as a full solutions and associated services provider.  

Smartengo: our digital solutions

Vallourec markets its various digital solutions under the Smartengo brand. These include:

Smartengo Best Fit: a new digital solution for traceability, fit-up and pipeline construction
By the end of 2020, it had been used to support nearly 25,000 tubes for Subsea 7, TechnipFMC and Galfar Al Misnad 

Smartengo Inventory: a solution to enhance yard operations, enabling customers to enjoy full stock visibility. This solution has been deployed under our mega contract with Adnoc

Smartengo Running Expert: a new digital solution to enhance casing and tubing operations, deployed on more than 13,000 tubes worldwide for Shell, Chevron, Total, Petrobras and Exxon

William Gamisans

About William Gamisans

William Gamisans heads the Vallourec Service Line, the company’s dedicated organization for services and solutions. He is also the managing director of Serimax. William joined Vallourec in 1997, and has since held various senior management positions across the Group’s businesses in both France and North America. He is a graduate of the prestigious French engineering school Ecole Centrale de Paris.