[email protected] - #BreakTheBias Today is the International Women's Day.

03/08/2022 - Diversity

Today is the International Women's Day. This day is an important day at Vallourec because it gives us the opportunity to think about the value of diversity within the Group, and the role that each of us can play, individually or collectively, to call out bias, discrimination and stereotypes.

#BreakTheBias - Édouard Guinotte Interview


The 2022 theme, "#BreakTheBias" is a call to action to accelerate gender parity. Biases are the unconscious or implicit tendency to prefer one person, or group of people, over another and to attribute certain attitudes or stereotypes to them. And this has an impact on our decisions.  Everyone has a role to play in shaping a world that is more diverse, equitable and inclusive. A world where difference is valued and celebrated. We can choose to challenge stereotypes, to fight biases and discrimination.

We love this day at Vallourec. It is an excellent opportunity to mobilize our teams around the objectives of equal rights and opportunities for all women in society and in particular at Vallourec. In addition, studies, such as the Gender 3000 report by Credit Suisse, show that there is a positive correlation between increased diversity in leadership positions and company's performance.

Our initiatives are embedded within the [email protected] program, led by Sylvie Dubois-Decool, our Group Innovation Director, and a steering committee of 16 members, representing the diversity of our regions and businesses. The program is structured around three priority priorities:

  • Have the same percentage of women at all hierarchical levels.
  • Ensure the conditions of success for all. 
  • Guarantee equal remuneration (for equal or comparable job) in the same country.
To celebrate the International Women's Day, the members of the Steering Committee have organized 5 virtual sessions throughout the day. On the menu, review of the past year and [email protected] 2022 objectives but also exchanges and discussions with the members of the Board of Directors and the Comex. 

[email protected]: where are we?

Key Figures
  • 23,6% of the Group's managers are women
  • 16% of women hold operational positions
  • 76 active mentoring in all regions
  • +2300 people are benefiting of teleworking or flexible hours

  • Second equal pay study was performed in 2021.
  • Gender bias awareness sessions have been held for employees.
  • Claire Langelier, Group General Counsel, and Naila Giovanni, Chief Digital and Information Officer, have been nominated as members of the Comex in 2020.

In 2022, the Group will strengthen its actions:

On the agenda for 2022

  • Increase the percentage of women, particularly in operational jobs.
  • Train managers to better consider and identify women candidates in the hiring process. Objective: have at least one woman on the short lists for all open positions.  
  • Reinforce promotion in schools.
  • Continue to boost mentoring.
  • Leverage the many internal and external programs launched by the regions to support the professional development of women.


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