VAM® integral connections: customizable solutions for deepwater challenges On March 31, 2021 Vallourec and World Oil held a live webcast exploring Vallourec’s portfolio of integral connections for complex and extreme environments.

05/04/2021 - Webcast

VAM® integral connections: customizable solutions for deepwater challenges

04/05/2021 - OCTG

On March 31, 2021 Vallourec and World Oil held a live webcast exploring Vallourec’s portfolio of integral connections for complex and extreme environments. 

Sylvain Beigneux presented the latest generation of VAM® Flush and Semi-Flush premium connections. Global Manager of VAM® Connections within the OCTG Marketing & Development team, he has 14 years of experience with Vallourec. The webinar attracted strong interest, with 289 registrations from professionals across the oil and gas industry.

An end-to-end range for deepwater environments

Deepwater wells require complex architectures and a long life-cycle. As complexity increases, so too does cost. “Deepwater wells are expensive to drill and expensive to produce, so there is no place for risk taking in the choice of product,” explained Sylvain. Vallourec offers a wide range of solutions to meet these challenges. 

Our engineers have decades of expertise in developing proprietary high-collapse and high-strength grades such as the HC/XC series and CY series and the SS series for use in sour service. Material experts are available to help users select the most suitable pipe dimensions and grades for each unique application. “We offer fit-for-purpose, extra high-performing connection design,” said Sylvain Beigneux.

VAM® Flush and Semi-Flush connections, meanwhile, combine high clearance, best-in-class performances and running reliability. 

And Vallourec provides support and services with a strong focus on assisting end users working in high-stakes environments. Sylvain Beigneux highlighted Vallourec’s Intelligent Pipe solution, which includes a digital platform for well monitoring.


What’s new in this generation of VAM® connections?

Vallourec's field experience has enabled it to expand its portfolio of Advanced VAM® Premium Integrals for deepwater and high-pressure / high-temperature (HP/HT) applications.

The VAM® BOLT-II (Flush), VAM® SLIJ-3 (Semi-Flush) and VAM® EPIC (Semi-Flush on upset casing) product lines offer higher-than-ever performances and running reliability, while meeting the most stringent customer requirements. These three solutions offer high clearance and best-in-class sealability ratings, with improved performance envelopes and demonstrated validation on upper-end grades.

All three of the VAM® premium integral connections are highly efficient and reliable. “Of course,” Sylvain Beigneux said, “all products have been tested to the most stringent performance requirements, API RP 5C5:2017 CAL-II for VAM® BOLT-II and CAL-IV for VAM® SLIJ-3 and VAM® EPIC.” All throughout the development phase, Vallourec works with the clients to perform tests and monitor performance, ensuring that a solution will continue to work efficiently in the long-term.

Each of the three premium products meets the needs of a specific application.



VAM® BOLT-II: offers a superior flush solution for large body casings. It is efficient up to 65% pipe body yield strength (YS) and has robust and top-of-the-class gas sealability. It also has 100% flush connection, offering optimal clearance for well designs with multiple casing strings.


VAM® SLIJ-3: designed to meet the most challenging operations, such as 20k psi applications in the Gulf of Mexico. It is the most advanced semi-flush product and is efficient up to a best case of 78% pipe body YS. It has a bigger envelope with CAL-IV sealability and is tested to critical loads.


VAM® EPIC: made to address the most specific and challenging requirements. It is efficient up to 100% pipe body YS. Its extra thickness brings robustness and resistance against casing wear, compaction and collapse. 

Sylvain Beigneux

The VAM® EPIC “is a product for which we have an on-demand approach, meaning that we can really fine tune the geometry and design around the pipe to answer specific requirements or reach specific performances. VAM® EPIC is the design that will address the most specific and extreme configurations with the best compromise between clearance and performance.

Sylvain Beigneux Global Manager of VAM® Connections within the OCTG Marketing & Development team

Working with the clients every step of the way, Vallourec creates tailor-made solutions. Each connection comes with a choice of design, ranging from standard configurations to the most complex and challenging architectures available today. In both deepwater and HP/HT environments, VAM® premium integrals are fit for purpose, high-performing connections. 

Keeping the technical dialog open with our customers…

At Vallourec, we are committed to staying in close contact with our clients and prospects, supporting them with our products and services. This webinar is part of a series designed to explore their technical challenges and explain how we can help overcome them.

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