Our French headquarters are moving to a new location At the end of August, the employees of Vallourec's head office moved into their new premises in Meudon - two kilometers from the former headquarters in Boulogne-Billancourt.

09/14/2021 - HR

The well-named “Meudon Campus” is located at 12, rue de la Verrerie. It is easily accessible by public transportation.

This change is following our Group’s numerous transformations. Vallourec is offering its employees the opportunity to revisit their way of working with more flexible work space organization and renewed practices, while maintaining the working from home practices already in place in the Group.

Strive for competitiveness and assessment of needs

This change is in line with the Group's competitiveness and cost reduction strategy. It also allows us to continue Vallourec’s transformation and rethink our working conditions.

Our new premises were designed after a real co-construction process, thanks to workshops organized with head office employees, in order to best adapt to their expectations. These workshops dealt with topics as diverse as floor plan design, decoration and furniture, and best practices for working in an open-plan office.

Adopting flex-office practices

Indeed, in addition to the cost savings, this evolution allows us to experiment with flex-office, a workplace policy that encourages interaction and collaboration, and to go further in the implementation of working from home. This way, we strengthen the team spirit by avoiding individual and isolated offices, and better meet the needs of our employees.

It is not only a question of opening offices, but of designing a wide variety of spaces to best respond to the many activities of an employee’s typical day. Undeniably, thanks to flex-office, our coworkers will benefit from spaces appropriate to each use (concentration areas, relaxation areas, creativity rooms...). They will also benefit from a better work/life balance thanks to a more flexible work schedule between the office, their homes and business meetings.

Fran├žois Curie

I am confident that our teams will manage this transition with agility and professionalism. We will be very comfortable in our new premises when we begin to write a new page of our history.

François Curie Vice President Corporate Human Resources