Discover our Aulnoye PFP® Tube Mill An efficient and highly flexible integrated tube mill.

03/27/2019 - Oil & Gas

Discover our Aulnoye PFP® Tube Mill 

27/03/2019 - Oil&Gas

An efficient and highly flexible integrated tube mill. 

In its Aulnoye PFP® Tube Mill, Vallourec has been producing seamless tubes since 2009 with an impressive track record. It operates a unique process of hot-piercing directly followed by a highly efficient radial forging machine and heat treatment.

At the heart of the Aulnoye PFP® Tube Mill, precision, flexibility and versatility open doors to a whole host of applications, from small lots to large series of pipes with shapes and wide spectrum of dimensions to fit all projects. Tubes will be integrated into project after being cut, welded, bent, machined or transformed into other components. The Aulnoye PFP® Tube Mill strives to meet its customers’ expectations and provides them with solutions that will ease their operations and/or reduce their costs.

Seamless & Forged

• 1-step forging process
• Tight dimensional tolerances over full length with a wide size range
• Large spectrum of steel grades, including high alloyed
• Feasibility of shaped tubes with dimensions variations over full length
• Long lengths, up to 14 meters
• Extreme flexibility from large series to small lots
• Short lead times, all grades and dimensions being produced every week

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