Vallourec launches its Data Science Community

20/08/2020 - Digital

Each process and product has the potential to generate tremendous quantities of data. Learning to sort and refine that data, then use it to improve products and processes is the definition of data science. For a company like Vallourec, the potential applications are almost limitless. Now, we have launched our new Data Science Community to promote a data-centric approach and encourage our employees through the sharing of best practices, tools and trainings to explore the full potential offered by this science. 
Led by Marcelo Versiani, R&D Engineer Digital Data Science, and Stephan Possberg, Group Industrial Analytics & Industry 4.0 Manager, T&I,  the Data Science Community, launched in February 2020, answers to Vallourec’s ambition to capitalize on its culture of innovation and transform itself into a data-centric company. The aim of this community is to enable and support data-driven decisions to improve our products, processes and services.

We want to build an inter-disciplinary group, made up of people who are interested in data science’s potential to improve our offerings. Perhaps they are already experts on the topic, or perhaps they are just interested in its potential. Either way, the goal is to give them a tool box and a methodology, help them learn about the discipline and share success stories across the company.

Stephan Possberg Group Industrial Analytics & Industry 4.0 Manager

Leveraging the power of data

Today, more than a hundred data science initiatives are already in place within Vallourec. As part of Industry 4.0, an analytics project is helping to predict the cold wall thickness of tubes during rolling process in real time and the outer diameter of tubes, contributing to reducing electricity use at steel plants. In addition to this, the Smartengo Best Fit project, an innovative digital solution based on accurate pipe-end measurement and unique pipe-end identification, is using an algorithm to suggest tests and make compatibility recommendations and saving clients’ time during their operations.

Since data science can be applied to any discipline, its potential is enormous. The Data Science Community aims to help users find their bearings by sharing tools and best practices. “We want to make data science more accessible to anyone in Vallourec who is interested in the topic,” says Stephan. “We want to demystify it and help people find ways to apply it in their functions.” 

A digital environment for budding data scientists

 “There is already a wide range of discussion, training, sharing and initiatives that exists within Vallourec,” explains Stephan. “The community has now over two hundred members, and it’s still growing! Our hope is that by joining forces, we can increase the speed with which we apply data science internally. This will help us become more competitive.”
Barthélémy Longueville

Today, more than a hundred data science initiatives are already in place, improving efficiency and leading to new services. And the potential of data science, which can be applied to any discipline, is enormous. It is no longer the prerogative of experts and this is where the Data Science community can reveal its full value.

Barthélémy Longueville Chief Digital Officer