Serimax honored for its Health, Safety and Environment policy

20/11/2019 - Commitments

By winning the GOLD MERIT Award, Serimax is recognized for its exemplary health and safety performances by the Malaysian Society for Occupational Safety and Health (MSOSH)
The ceremony to receive the MSOSH award

What is the MSOSH?

Since 1982, Malaysian Society for Occupational Safety and Health (MSOSH) has awarded an annual prize to Malaysian companies that have demonstrated the best performances in those areas.
Based in Selangor, Malaysia and sponsored by the Minister of Human Resources, Mr. Kula Segaran, the MSOSH created this award to promote occupational safety and health in all sectors, in accordance with government policies.

An honor for Serimax

Each candidate goes through a particularly rigorous audit covering both facilities and also internal policies and procedures. Serimax, our subsidiary specialized in welding, which has had a location in Malaysia since 2006, received the prize. This success is a token of the commitment of all employees and highlights the deeply rooted safety culture and practices at all levels of the Group.
Certificate received by Serimax Malaysia

It is indeed one of the toughest Safety Audit that we faced. This award is therefore a strong testament to the commitment of the SERIMAX-APAC teams. Congratulations to all for this magnificent achievement! 

Pratap Patil Director of Business Development
It is incidentally not the first time our subsidiary was noticed in the region: in 2017, one of our welders received the “Appreciation Award” from the Malaysian Minister of Human Resources.
Serimax receives the Gold Merit Award from the MSOSH