Sound Energy Morocco praises CLEANWELL®’s outstanding HSE performance

30/01/2019 -

Sound Energy Morocco confirmed HSE improvements as the key benefit of using CLEANWELL® dope-free technology.
In preparation of the future development of the Tendrara gas field in the Moroccan desert, Sound Energy Morocco, a gas exploration and development company, was invited to test Vallourec’s latest dope-free CLEANWELL® technology. The site is characterized by extremely high and low temperatures, sandstorms and limited water resources.

Safer and cleaner operations

CLEANWELL® is a multi-function coating replacing both storage and running compounds (dope). Applied directly in the mill on the surface of VAM® connections, the pipe is literally “ready to run”. The coating protects the connection from corrosion or sand contamination, leaving it clean and easy to inspect.  By removing dope related operations from the yard and the rig site, CLEANWELL® eliminates risks associated with dope application and removal, such as slippery surfaces, pipe handling and fire hazard. The CLEANWELL® frame packaging ensures safe storage and easy handling of the pipes in accordance to Vallourec’s recommendations. 

Reduced water consumption

Pre-running operations typically require large volumes of water and solvents to remove dope from the connections. Long-term exposure to solvents and other products can have an impact both on the health of operators and on the environment. CLEANWELL® reduces this impact by drastically reducing water consumption and contamination by hazardous materials.

SEM HSE Supervisor, SAMY HADDAD, stated: “Risk elimination is the first step in the risk control hierarchy, so by using CLEANWELL and eliminating use of dope, we see an important reduction in safety and environmental related risks. I highly recommend this to improve HSE on the rig site”. 

Running performance

Scott BINNIE, VAM® Field Service technician and Abderrzak Mohamed Reda FERHI, Technical Sales representative, were on the rig site to assist the running crew. “We were very pleased to demonstrate the performance of the product for the first running of CLEANWELL® in a desert environment, lengthening its successful track record.  Despite a significant rig misalignment issue, we were able to reach a maximum running speed of 11 joints per hour with no damage to connections and zero rejects.”   

Sound Energy Morocco will run 3000 meters of 4 ½” 13.50# L80 VAM® 21 CLEANWELL® tubing, in their next well scheduled for Q2 2019.  
  • 2500 meters of 9 5/8” 47.00# P110 VAM® 21 connections with CLEANWELL® coating
  • 170 pipes run in hole with zero rejects