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01/01/2015 - VAM®

Interview with Sheikh Tariq Abdel Hadi Al-Qahtani, partner.
Damman-based Al-Qahtani started its business relationship with Vallourec in the early 60s, when the first generation of VAM® connections was developed. Chairman of the Board Sheikh Tariq Al Qahtani praises a 53-year-long partnership that is still growing.

Saudi Aramco has also started to use VAM® 21 connections for the most advanced conditions such as exploration in the Red Sea"

Sheikh Tariq Abdel Hadi Al-Qahtani Partner

53 years of business with VAM® connections

In January 1962, Sheikh Abdel Hadi Abdullah Al Qahtani signed a business agreement with Vallourec to provide Saudi Aramco, the state-owned oil company of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with the first generation of VAM® connections, paving the way to a successful and growing business. "This partnership was signed by my father in order to develop Vallourec's business in Saudi Arabia and throughout the last 53 years we have sold various VAM® connections to Saudi Aramco", comments Sheikh Tariq Al Qahtani who took over his father's business in 1991. The first VAM® connection was widely used by Saudi Aramco before being superseded by NEW VAM® which became a Saudi Aramco standard in the 80's. Then, Saudi Aramco required higher performance for their conventional gas wells and started to use VAM TOP ® and VAM TOP ® HCconnections. "These connections are now a standard for most of Saudi Aramco's conventional gas wells", adds Sheikh Tariq. "Saudi Aramco has also started to use VAM® 21 connections for the most advanced conditions such as exploration in the Red Sea."

"In 2009, Vallourec and Al-Qahtani decided to further develop their partnership by setting up a world class OCTG premium facility"

Currently facing harsher conditions which imply to explore new frontiers, Saudi Aramco has also started to use the latest VAM® 21, Vallourec's most advanced technology connection.


A growing partnership

In 2009, Vallourec and Al-Qahtani decided to further develop their partnership by setting up a world class OCTG premium facility. This ambitious project was carried out in two phases. In 2011 they acquired Saudi Seamless Pipes Factory, before turning it into a premium manufacturing facility able to produce VAM® connections. In January 2014 they both inaugurated Vallourec Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia's first premium finishing plant for oil & gas tubes. With an annual capacity exceeding 100,000 tons, Vallourec Saudi Arabia is entirely dedicated to the heat treatment and threading of the full range of VAM® premium connections, including finishing lines, which were upgraded by Vallourec and completed by an additional premium threading line and a coupling shop. "This finishing plant means a lot to our country in terms of economic development since the plant is now producing most of the VAM® connections sold to Saudi Aramco in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia", says Sheikh Tariq whose company also has a stake in Vallourec Saudi Arabia.

A trusting and promising relationship

According to Sheikh Tariq, on-site trust and mutual respect are the keys to a successful business relationship. "Al Qahtani has a dedicated team working with Vallourec on a daily basis to support commercial activities as well as logistics. This team is in permanent contact with the Vallourec teams in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East", he said.

"We also have strong links with Vallourec management in order to discuss future projects and the growth of our two companies in Saudi Arabia"
Vallourec's professionalism and world-class standards are also pointed out by Sheikh Tariq as optimal conditions for a fruitful collaboration. "Over the years, we have dealt with dozens of Vallourec employees and have always acknowledged their professionalism. We also appreciated Vallourec's international expansion and enjoyed being able to work with various nationalities from all over the world", he concludes.  

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