Vallourec Female Expert 2021 in Vallourec TIANDA One of the MEA Region's first female experts

09/14/2021 - Diversity

Rita Sheng is a Technical Specialist working for Quality & Technical Center in Vallourec TIANDA Chuzhou Works. She has been recognized as Vallourec Expert in 2021, and she is one of the first female experts in the MEA Region.

Back in July 2020, when she applied for Vallourec Expert Program, Rita thought that being nominated would represent a real “recognition” for her. Rita said, 

“Vallourec Experts program recognition system is consistent with what is done in Operations; it gives visibility internally and it is also understandable by our outside partners – specific titles and professional career follow-ups supported by adapted HR tools.”

Rita was trained during all her career after she joined Vallourec. The trainings include professional internal trainings and external trainings. 

Vallourec TIANDA has many differences between before and after the integration. For example, through the audits of divisions, the mill has improved a lot and it passed many important Test launched by Vallourec Group. The direct supports from Process Communities / D&I / T&I / Industrialization have contributed a lot.  It has helped Vallourec TIANDA to analyze the root causes more systematically and to track the KPIs more easily. 

As a participant, facing so many different challenges, Rita has learned a lot and she completed the work very well. 

Rita is also a Mechanical Performance Test course trainer for Vallourec TIANDA

Rita accomplished recently something she is proud of: she has learnt how to teach a technical module related to mechanical trials and she can now support employees’ knowledge development in Vallourec TIANDA regarding material science. The course is scheduled this year. Rita is the teacher, and the Quality & Technical Center supports the series of activities during the training.

The first sessions of this training took place last Friday (27th August) and a dozen of employees attended. Knowing the mechanical test topic will help more employees to get a theoretical background and to improve their way to operate in the plant.

For Rita, Vallourec TIANDA can offer a good framework to develop employees’ skills. 


In Vallourec, we have great and nice teams to help you achieve rapid personal development

Rita Sheng Technical Specialist, Quality & Technical Center, Vallourec China


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