Vallourec's Management Board is composed of three members: 

Philippe Crouzet, Chairman, Jean-Pierre Michel, COO, and Olivier Mallet, CFO.



       ​Philippe Crouzet 
​     Jean-Pierre Michel
​            Olivier Mallet

The Group Management Committee is composed of six​ members: 

​Philippe Carlier, Senior ​Vice President Europe, Nicolas de Coignac, Senior Vice President North America, ​Didier Hornet, Senior Vice President​ Eastern Hemisphere, Alexandre Lyra, Senior Vice President South America, Francois Curie, Director for R&D, Strategic Marketing and Innovation, Marketing stratégique et Innovation, et Stéphanie Fougou, Group General Counsel.



       ​Philippe Carlier 
​     Nicolas de Coignac
​            Didier Hornet


       Alexandre Lyra
​Francois Curie​​
​            Stéphanie Fougou

Vallourec Management Board is composed of two members:​

Philippe Crouzet

Chairman of the Management Board

Olivier Mallet

Chief Financial Officer

In addition to the two Management Board members, the Executive Committee is comprised of:

Didier Hornet

Senior Vice President
Development & Innovation

Philippe Carlier

Senior Vice President
Technology & Industry

Nicolas de Coignac

Senior Vice President
North America

Alexandre Lyra

Senior Vice President
South America

Hubert Paris

Senior Vice President

Edouard Guinotte

Senior Vice President
Middle East/Asia

Rémi Dujon

Group General Counsel

François Curie

Vice President Corporate Human Resources