US$900 million

is the value of the five-year contract awarded to Vallourec by ADNOC (Abu Dhabi National Oil Company) in September 2019. 

The numerous demonstrations of our new products, digital solutions and innovations at the ADIPEC show in Abu Dhabi in November 2019 showed our customers that Vallourec remains the technological leader in our business sector in the Middle East.

Intense sales dynamic in Brazil 

Equinor confirms Vallourec as preferred supplier of tubular solutions by extending its contract until March 2024. The contract is also being extended to include new products (seamless steel tubes and OCTG accessories) as well as a full range of services (storage, maintenance, well preparation, collaborative planning, management of tubes after use, inspection and repair).

VAM® Sprint-SF, VAM® Sprint-FJ and VAM® SLIJ-3, three innovations that make a difference

In 2020, Vallourec expanded its range of semi-premium connections for US onshore drilling by launching VAM® SPRINT-SF, which extends the reach of lateral drilling, and VAM® SPRINT-FJ, for extreme applications linked to shale gas extraction. This innovation strategy was confirmed at the start of 2021 with the launch of VAM® SLIJ-3, which is specially designed for ultra-deep offshore environments. These solutions result from agile collaboration between sales, technical, operational and R&D teams, as well as customers, enabling development and marketing to be carried out in record time.

Asset Up gives a second life to dormant stocks

In response to customer requests submitted via the Smartengo e-commerce platform and to be part of the circular economy, Vallourec has created Asset Up to allow customers to resell their tubes once they reach the end of their lifecycle.

Ready to confront extreme offshore conditions

A range of solutions intended for demanding offshore applications, Oceanfit® has opened up new commercial opportunities with the X80 steel grade, combining strength and corrosion-resistance in deep water, and X100, which is certified “resistant up to -60°C” and is therefore particularly suitable in arctic conditions.

The intelligent pipe revolution

Following two years of co-development with OpenField Technology, Vallourec launched Intelligent Pipes, its well-monitoring solution (for oil and gas wells, as well as CO2 and hydrogen storage). By collecting data (pressure, temperature, etc.) in-situ, in previously inaccessible areas, these smart tubes optimize operations, enabling prompt action in the event of a problem and more precise control over the environmental impact.

Remote, but with the same standard of operational efficiency

During the pandemic, the roll-out of new technologies has been stepped up to offer customers new ways of collaborating, such as connected headsets (RealWear/HoloLens) for worksite visits and remote inspections. The Vallourec Tube Alloy teams in the United States have even designed a compact robot, Remobot, equipped with wheels, movable arms and a connected tablet.

45 new ideas were submitted to the Vallourec internal innovation platform in 2020.

Four were chosen following a selection process. One of these focuses on sustainable development. Another provides for the development of digital tools for remote plant inspections, a need that has increased with the Covid-19 crisis.