The oil and gas needs in Mexico revolve around PEMEX (PETROLEOS MEXICANOS), drilling contractors and Oilfield Services Companies (OFS´s). Vallourec Oil & Gas México works with these customers and focuses its services and products to better serve their needs. Our mission is to proactively offer our proven solutions and continuously reinforce our customers' trust, positioning our company to be the premium connection leader in Mexico.
Providing onshore and offshore solutions to the oil & gas industry
Through the years Vallourec Oil & Gas México has participated in many key projects where our connections' proven track record contributed to the end user's success onshore and offshore.
Some of these ISO and CAL IV tested flagship products include VAM TOP®, VAM TOP® HT™, VAM®SLIJ-II™, DINO VAM®, VAM®HTF™. On the commercial side, our experienced sales and support teams have the know-how to provide a solution and efficient quality service for your applications.

Premium Connections

Vallourec Oil & Gas Mexico threading facility is advantageously located in Veracruz, Mexico for a complete response to our customers' needs across the country, onshore and offshore.

Our mill is equipped with several highly efficient CNC lathes and our experienced personnel produces precision high-quality tubulars to meet your specifications on time. We produce VAM® connections, tubulars, couplings and accessories for the oil and gas market to the tightest of tolerances demanded by premium connection applications

Field Service

Vallourec Oil & Gas Mexico’s certified Field Service technicians provide repair, support and service to offshore well sites in the Gulf of Mexico and onshore 24 hours a day; 7 days a week.
Their technical expertise and efficient response ensure smooth running, prevent problems, and contribute positively to the activities of many companies such as drilling contractors and OEMs. This record illustrates the reliability our skilled VAM® Service and VAM® Field Service technicians provide our customers.
Vallourec Oil & Gas Mexico is proud to provide our customers quality support with each rig.  Our highly skilled field service teams ensure smooth running at the well site contributing to drilling efficiencies and well integrity:  nobody knows VAM® like VAM®!