Oil & Gas

Vallourec provides tubular products, connections and smart tubular solutions for the Oil & Gas market

The Group provides cutting-edge solutions that can withstand the most extreme conditions while meeting or exceeding the most stringent safety standards. This wide portfolio is designed to suit every application in the Oil & Gas industry, including drilling, exploration, subsea construction, as well as hydrocarbon production, transport and processing. 


To meet the specific challenges of the Oil & Gas market, Vallourec manufactures and sells pipes and connections designed to equip production wells. This includes casing, tubing, VAM® premium connections, proprietary and API grades, as well as accessories. 

VAM® premium connections

For over 50 years, VAM® has been the leading brand for premium connections. This range of products is constantly evolving to adapt to users’ new requirements and offer enhanced performance . Our VAM® portfolio includes: 

  • VAM® 21 
  • VAM TOP® 
  • VAM® TOP HC 
  • VAM® FJL 
  • VAM® HTF 
  • DINO VAM® 
  • VAM® TOP FE 
  • VAM® MUST 
  • VAM® TM 
  • VAM® HTTC 
  • VAM® Spring 
  • VAM® SLIJ-3 


Vallourec Tube-Alloy offers a full range of tubing and casing accessories that deliver enhanced performance and production, including couplings, pup joints and a variety of connectors to name a few.  

  • Tubing and Casing Accessories 
  • Premium Threading Services 
  • Build-to-print solutions 
  • Make-up & Testing 
  • Storage & Logistics Services 

Smartengo digital solutions

  • Smartengo Best Fit:A new digital solution for traceability, fit-up and pipeline construction. 
  • Smartengo Inventory:100% accuracy and visibility of your inventory to lower stocks and reduce costs. 
  • Smartengo Running Expert:100% digital and reliable run-in-hole tally to reduce non-productive rig time and continuously improve efficiency.  
  • Smartengo Traceability:A unique solution to trace products and track related field operations.   

Line Pipe & Hydrocabon Processing

Creating value for your Hydrocarbon Processing projects

Vallourec has a long experience in supplying a full range of seamless pipes for Hydrocarbon Processing projects. We offer the widest dimensional range of carbon steel, middle-low alloy steel pipes and high alloy seamless steel pipes worldwide, designed to be used in the most demanding conditions – high pressure / high temperature applications, corrosive environments, cryogenic conditions and various challenging combinations.  

Thanks to its expertise and experience in SURF markets (Subsea, Umbilicals, Risers and Flowlines), Vallourec develops and delivers the highest standards for seamless pipes to address extreme environments: improved tube performance, enhanced weldability and better resistance to corrosion. Vallourec's designs are tailored to bring value beyond the pipe and support the increasing complexity of offshore operations.  

  • Applications: infield flowlines (production and water-gas injection lines), export lines, risers (e.g. steel catenary riser, hybrid riser for the rigid part). 
  • Services and One-Stop-Shop: coating services, pipe-in-pipe, induction bends, multiple joints, anode pads welding, line pipes, composite beveling, buckle arrestors, J-Lay collars (as per customer design), laser pipe-end measurement, laser straightness measurement, machining services, advanced pipe traceability system, project management, technical training program; all these services are tailored to your needs. 

Welding Solutions

Vallourec, through its subsidiary Serimax, is the world-leading welding solutions provider with an unrivalled track record in offshore welding. We offer optimal welding services and technology for subsea pipeline installation (J-Lay, S-Lay, Reeling) and fabrication. 

Our innovative, versatile and customized project solutions help improve quality, increase efficiency and reduce costs of your SURF projects. In 2019, Serimax welded more than 145,000 welds of which 98.2% were Right First Time! Including more than 11,200 CRA welds delivered with stringent criteria. 

STP Power & Industry

The world leader company capable to supply the entire range of tubes and pipes for the construction of conventional and nuclear power plants. 

All Vallourec energy-related activities aim at being your preferred tubular solution provider and long-lasting partner, for safe, reliable and high efficiency power plants. 

Vallourec develops, designs and manufactures specialty seamless steel tubes and major components for engineering; provides related technical consultation, technical training and technical services. 

Vallourec supports in Construction, Mechanical Engineering, and Automotive industry 

  • Construction - Bridges, stadiums, offshore jack-up platforms, airport terminals, exhibition halls, etc. 
  • Mechanical Engineering - Cranes, hydraulic cylinders, agricultural machinery, OCTG mechanicals parts, etc. 
  • Automotive industry - All types of vehicles, both light and heavy.  

Vallourec in railway

  • Components for bogie frames 
  • Hydrogen train and stations 
  • Frame structure for trains 
  • Shock absorbers 
  • Cylinder liners for engines
  • Railway axles 

Vallourec supplies all kinds of tubes and pipes for conventional power plants fueled with coal or gas, as well as for nuclear power plants.

Seamless tubes and pipes for boiler applications

Waterwall panels, headers, steam piping in a wide range of sizes and grades ― including carbon steels, alloy and high-alloy steels ―with an outside diameter from 17.2 to 1,500 mm and a wall thickness from 2 to 250 mm.  

Piping components (fittings, headers and other prefabricated products).  

Cold-drawn boiler tubes, multi-rifled boiler tubes for waterwall panels and stainless-steel tubes for superheaters and re-heaters (produced by strategic partners). 


Heat Exchanger tubes

Welded tubes in titanium and stainless steel for Heat Exchangers: condensers, low pressure and high pressure FeedWater Heaters, Moisture Separator Steam Reheaters (MSRs). 

Steam generator tubes

Seamless tubes in stainless steel and nickel alloys for nuclear power plants: steam generator tubes and nuclear environment products. 

Low-Carbon Energy

The transition to low-carbon energies: the future lies in diversifying our energy sources

In order to meet our COP21 targets, while creating new pathways to long-term profitable growth, we are now putting our industrial excellence gained in the Oil & Gas sector at the service of the energy transition.  


Providing high-performance solutions for demanding environments (subject to corrosion, high temperatures, extreme depth, etc.). 

> VAM® 21, the latest generation of connections, used for the geothermal power plant on Lake Assal, Djibouti. Guaranteed up to 360℃! 


Partnering with customers at every steps of the value chain (flowlines, underground storage, surface storage, mobility, asset reuse/repair consulting, etc.). 

> Maximum seal performance thanks to the reliability delivered by VAM® connection.  


Contributing to the safe deployment of CCUS (Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage) infrastructures.  

> Already on board with 19 CCUS projects.  


Designing and manufacturing steel structures for photovoltaic panel arrays to cope with all constraints.  

> The perfect combination of MSH hollow sections and the flexibility of our PREON® box design tool won over the French company Vertsun for the supply of tubular solutions for its solar photovoltaic farm structures.  

Offshore Wind

Foundations, secondary-steel structures and J-tubes for fixed and floating wind turbines, installation vessels and cranes. 

> Vallourec partnered with Aker Solutions to provide 340 tons of seamless hot-formed hollow sections for Equinor’s Hywind Tampen floating wind project.