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Sustainability Report

The Sustainability Report presents the economic, social and environmental results attained by Vallourec companies in Brazil. The report follows the guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and presents results and forms of management of the main themes, impacts and challenges of our activities.

Sustainability Reports

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Social Development

Helping to build a socially fairer and more balanced future for the neighboring communities is one of the targets of Vallourec's efforts. This premise is the guideline for the efforts towards the social and cultural improvement of the region where Vallourec is located. To reach this target projects and actions are developed with the purpose of community development, including generating jobs and income and social and cultural investments.

Community Development

Vallourec develops a series of initiatives aiming to manage and evaluate the impacts of operations in the communities and also to make a positive long term contribution to these locations. The main initiative is Programa Comunidade Viva launched in 2005 and that focuses on 2 main fronts: Strengthening of the community and Education and work.
The idea behind the first front is to contribute to the strengthening of local leaderships and institutions of the area embraced by the program – reaching approximately 10000 inhabitants. In the work and education front the idea is to expand the learning opportunities as well as inclusion in the job market to improve the life quality of children, teenagers and their families. 

Social and Cultural investments

With direct annual investments and also resources coming from tax incentive laws Vallourec supports projects directed towards education, health, generation of jobs and income and incentives for culture and sports.

Cine Theatro Brasil Vallourec

In operation since 2013, Cine Theatro Brasil Vallourec has as purpose the fostering and dissemination of culture by promoting theater, dance, music, visual arts, audiovisual, literature, and other cultural expression events, becoming a reference for the whole chain of culture in Belo Horizonte and in Minas Gerais. The quality and diversity of projects as well as the schedule are an incentive to artistic production, fostering the democratization of access.  


Vallourec companies in Brazil are committed to the rational use of natural resources, in all their processes. They closely track, control and monitor indicators related to the management of atmospheric emissions, water resources, effluents, waste and co-products, and biodiversity.
They invest in actions aimed at energy efficiency, environmental education practices, aimed at the internal public and the communities near the operating units, as well as the continuous improvement of their processes.

Zero Tailings

With the “Zero Tailings” Dam project, the waste generated at Vallourec Mineração that would be released in conventional dam goes through the filtration process, which removes much of the water. The final material, which is less than 18% moisture, can be stacked without the risk of instability and collapse. Part of the final tailing of this reprocessing is used as raw material for construction products: small blocks, blocks, bricks, tiles, which can be applied to houses, paving, etc. The other is arranged in piles of sterile and revegetated.

Green Pipe

Vallourec is proud to offer to the market, green pipe, made 100% from charcoal from planted forests and iron ore.
An important ally in the sustainability journey and commitment to control the impacts of climate change, charcoal effectively contributes to making the Company’s processes increasingly efficient and sustainable by reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Environmental education

Vallourec has environmental education practices targeted to its internal and external audiences with the main goal of expanding people’s awareness about their role in preserving natural resources and biodiversity. The units of Barreiro and Jeceaba, in addition to Mineração and Florestal units, maintain Environmental Education Programs (EEP).
Additionally, Vallourec is accountable for maintaining the Environmental Education Center of Barreiro, owned by the Municipality and located next to the plant in Belo Horizonte. The 20 hectares area preserves typical Savanna, Atlantic Forest, and Transition Forest vegetation, in addition to species introduced for the enrichment of biodiversity.

Health and Safety

Safety is the greatest asset for Vallourec Group in the world and drives all its initiatives. Through structured practices and programs, the Company is permanently dedicated to strengthening the safety culture and protecting the health of its employees.

In addition to promoting a safe work environment, Vallourec is committed to the occupational health and well-being of its employees. In accordance with the legislation, all units have ergonomic programs and periodic examinations to verify the health condition of the professional.


Integrated Management System Policy

  • Maintain leadership in the markets it operates based on customers confidence in our quality, delivery and price.
  • Practice an ethical and socially responsible management.
  • Promote health and safety work.
  • Preserve and protect the environment, preventing pollution.
  • Identify, evaluate and control occupation hazards and environmental impacts.
  • Support and improve energy performance.
  • Comply with applicable laws and regulations.
  • Continuously improve the performance and effectiveness of its Integrated Management System.


Vallourec has the most renown certifications. These attest to the excellence of management in product quality, administration, environmental administration, health and work safety.