Vallourec wins the Prêmio Ser Humano award “É tetra, é tetra, é tetra” (as Galvão Bueno said). Following the steps of our Brazilian soccer team, Vallourec impressed once again in the Prêmio Ser Humano 2022.

12/07/2022 - Group

É tetra, é tetra, é tetra” (as Galvão Bueno said). Following the steps of our Brazilian soccer team, Vallourec impressed once again in the Prêmio Ser Humano 2022, an award promoted by the Associação Brasileira de Recursos Humanos (ABRH-MG). That is it! On December 1, the Company won two awards in the Development and Organizational Excellence category. This is the fourth consecutive time that Vallourec wins an award.

According to Talent Manager Lucimar Rezende, the recognition reinforced the commitment of the Vallourec team to the quality of its processes and the genuine and continuous care of the people. "The Company is awarded for its ESG practices by promoting a psychologically safe environment for Diversity. Moreover, winning this award is a recognition for the participation, engagement, and belongingness of all the employees who somehow made the Diversity Dialogs" possible, Rezende states.

Remuneration, Benefits, and Labor Relations Manager Erick Faria agrees with Lucimar: the award is a symbol of collective commitment. "Being a highlight in the Prêmio Ser Humano for two valuable projects is rewarding. The award reinforces the commitment Vallourec has to continuous improvement. It shows we are on the right way, towards a more modern field, ahead of its time."

For those who do not know, the Prêmio Ser Humano awards initiatives for people development, the incentive to creative thinking, and the identification of new talents. Moreover, the award intends to encourage and recognize differentiated, innovative contributions to people management that take into account the interests of people, organizations, and society.

The award is already in its 21st edition and is one of the most relevant ones in Minas Gerais. With it, big companies have the opportunity to share and know best practices in other organizations. That is great, isn’t it?

Would you like to know where we stood out?

Take a look at the themes of the highlights of this year and previous ones


  • Diversity Dialogs: Making people connected and aware of Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion at Vallourec.
  • Systematization of Registration Change with a Focus on Performance and Organizational Health.

  • Maintenance Academy.
  • Cultural Management and Transformation in creating Vallourec Global SCS.
  • The pioneer, most sustainable pelletizing in the world: Integrating environmental benefits, supplier valuation, and development, with a high return on investment.
  • Project Voluntários do Saber: Developing Social and Emotional Skills through Corporate Volunteering.
  • Corporate Health Intelligence: The development of a digital platform that helps the management of strategic health actions for facing the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Manager School: Development of leadership performance as a pillar of organizational health for business maintenance and competitiveness.
  • Chatbot Vall: An Intelligent Action of Great Impact at the HR Service.
  • Labor and Union Relations: the importance of irresistance and collaborative actions through collective bargaining.
  • Reorganization of Organizational Structure as a booster of Organizational Health and Performance results.
  • Award for Engagement in the Prêmio Ser Humano 2021 edition.

  • Taking Care of You When Working From Home.
  • Health and Respect for Women.
  • Mentorship Program for Women

  • Rehabilitated Employee Program for Inclusion.
  • Hourly Paid Worker Performance Management System.
  • Training Young Apprentices: a sustainable approach.
  • HR Digitalization: Digital HR as a tool for management, empowerment, and communication with employees.
  • People Management Target: a means for developing inspiring leaders.