Vallourec adopts preventive measures against the coronavirus

26/03/2020 - Health

In view of the coronavirus pandemic that the world is going through, Vallourec emphasizes that the health and safety of people are essential values for the Company, which is following all the prevention guidelines for Covid-19 given by the Brazilian health authorities. In this sense, Vallourec created a Crisis Committee and has been adopting a series of measures to mitigate the risk of transmission in the workplace and daily monitoring the evolution of the pandemic and the impacts on its employees, their families and the market.

“We are committed to taking care of our employees’ health and safety, implementing all the necessary measures to achieve this purpose. Our efforts are also intended to protect those who are involved with us on a daily basis. As an industry, we have a role of responsibility to society, in supplying essential sectors of Brazil's economy. And that is why we are making every effort to provide the best working conditions for all our employees and preserve our operations”, points out Alexandre Lyra, CEO of Vallourec in Brazil.
At all Vallourec sites in Brazil, measures have been taken that include:

Preventive isolation

Employees who can work from home are performing their activities in a home office regime, as well as all the interns and apprentices, employees aged 60 or older, pregnant and postpartum women and those with chronic illness with medical indication. Everyone went through training. In addition, with the cancellation of all trips, events, training and face-to-face meetings, to control possible crowdings the use of remote resources for meetings is being prioritized.

Travel for employees, third parties and visitors

National and international trips are canceled. Guidance for travelers, who have returned from abroad or from the state with community broadcast, is to remain in quarantine for 14 days. If they show signs and symptoms of flu, they should immediately report it to Occupational Health, for proper guidance.

Occupational Health

The Occupational Health sector adopted a routine of medical monitoring for cases of employees with related symptoms for greater control and guidance of these people. The employees' body temperature is also being measured at the entrance of shifts and respiratory protection masks are being distributed
transport bus

Personnel transportation

Several measures to avoid the risk of contagion in personnel transportation were taken by the Logistics teams and their respective service providers: increasing the fleet in the home/company/home transportation to provide more space between passengers; availability of alcohol gel sanitizer in vehicles; circulation with open windows; intensification of daily vehicle hygiene; and guidance for transportation professionals and passengers

Crowded places

Initially, the scale of use of cafeterias was adapted to avoid crowding and the distance between one chair and another was increased by approximately one meter. Measures to serve food in marmitex [disposable lunch box] are already adopted in all units. In addition, rest spaces in the surroundings of cafeterias have been temporarily banned to prevent people from gathering.
food supply

Individual and collective hygiene actions

Information on how to properly sanitize your hands with soap and water or alcohol gel sanitizer were posted in cafeterias, bathrooms and toilets; alcohol gel sanitizer dispensers were installed in the areas; and the daily hygiene of places such as cabins, operating rooms, bathrooms, changing rooms and cafeterias was intensified

Exclusive service channel

An exclusive telephone number to speak with Occupational Health is available for employees of Vallourec companies in Brazil and their families to clarify doubts, as well as reinforcing the diffusion of Unimed's online consultation channel.

Active communication

The Company has held an active communication with employees, by sending daily newsletters with general guidelines and messages on how to prevent themselves, as well as on the measures adopted by Vallourec in preventing coronavirus.

Commitment to the customer

Vallourec reiterates its commitment to its customers, keeping them informed about the alternatives sought and the necessary adjustments to face the situation.
Vallourec also stresses that it remains vigilant and following the protocols and recommendations of official bodies to take any necessary measures, and reinforces its commitment to the country, society and the sector. Prevention of coronavirus requires the collaboration of everyone


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