Caring for life and the environment

06/07/2020 - Brazil / Environment

Between the months of June and August, the sky is much more colorful. With the favorable wind, it is easier to fly kites. But we need to guide children as they choose safe recreational activities for everyone, and that includes the use of milled glass and the “Chilena” line, which are prohibited and can harm people, animals and cause fatal accidents.
In that same period, dry air predominates in some regions of Brazil and fires generally increase a lot. The prolonged lack of rain leaves the soil and vegetation increasingly dry, which contributes to fire outbreaks. In that case, every care is a need! A cigarette butt thrown on the roadside or in a place with incorrectly disposed of garbage, for example, can start an outbreak that will spread with the help of the wind, burning large areas of environmental preservation.

Talking about disposal, it is essential that waste disposal is always done correctly to provide a clean environment for everyone. Garbage discarded in vacant lots facilitates the proliferation of urban pests, causes diseases, bad smell and contaminates the soil and water bodies. For this reason, it is necessary to dispose of waste in suitable places, reduce its production and value recycling and composting whenever possible.

At Vallourec, safety is the highest value. We care about the protection and well-being of our employees, their families and also the communities around us. But you must do your part: avoid risky situations and ensure your health and safety. Many people invade our units, for example, to rescue kites, toys and other items without worrying about the risks that these places offer. In industrial areas, there are dangerous equipment, very high temperatures and heavy vehicles that can cause serious accidents. The entry of visitors on the Company is only allowed with the supervision and guidance of a trained professional.

We have prepared material to help you remember all these tips.