Serimax in the Thai rice fields

25/03/2020 - Welding

Serimax has won its first onshore contract for Landlines in Thailand. This contract covers welding operations on the PPT’s 5TP2 project (5th Transmission Pipeline - Phase 2). Our customer IBC Industrial Co. Ltd. is the main contractor for the construction of the 42”diameter pipeline running over 200km. Crossing the rice fields, it offers a very demanding environment allowing us to enhance the performance of our robust dual torch auto-welding system called Saturnax.

The 5TP2 project

The pipeline is intended to reinforce the network of Thailand's national gas company, PTT, in the country’s eastern and central areas. In particular, it aims to improve the gas supply to power plants in the region to support the growing demand for electricity. It will transport liquefied natural gas (LNG) from PTT terminals.

Improved productivity while preserving quality

Two key elements have made the difference and ensured the project’s success i.e. a far better productivity than that offered by other technologies and the high level of quality, not affected by the speed of the process, with very good repair rates. 

And this, even under extremely difficult operating conditions! Indeed, the construction of the pipeline, passing through the rice fields, presents a true challenge in terms of welding due to the extreme climatic conditions, combining heat and heavy rainfall, as well as the muddy natural environment of the rice fields. 

This project is therefore a great testimony to witness the reliability of our complete solution of automatic welding including a strong beveling machine, internal line-up clamps and the robust Saturnax system that offers the capacity to weld from "root" pass to the “cap” pass by one single equipment.

Compared to manual or semi-automatic welding processes, it reduces the number of units of equipment and therefore the number of operators required on site, saving time and money for the client. 

Assets highlighted by the Serimax APAC team

These performances were highlighted right from the call for tenders with a proactive marketing approach by local teams, who were also able to develop a close relationship with the client at both Technical and C-levels. Building on Serimax's reputation and track record, this intimacy helped us build a tailor-made offer resulting to secure the trust for this interesting and challenging project.
Teams’ expertise combined with operational skills and also the training and management capabilities of local resources, with Thai welders on site, have largely contributed to this success.

This first-of-a-kind should facilitate our access to new pipeline projects in this country and region around.