The OFP Vallourec Rouen is on the right track

28/01/2019 -

The OFP (port rail operator) Vallourec Rouen operated its first test train, followed two days later by its first loaded train. 
The rail business has now been fully operational since December 3. 

An unprecedented solution

This activity - an innovative one for the Group - is permitted since it obtained, on October 3 last year, French ministerial certification as a port rail operator (OFP). This is a first for a French industrial player, and the certification authorizes us to travel independently on the right bank sector of Rouen's port rail network. For the heat treatment plant at Déville, this means greater flexibility and responsiveness to conduct industrial operations, without the need for an outside rail company to operate between the port and the plant. 

An opportunity on many levels

The Déville site thus obtains an independent connection with the port of Rouen, which is the port of entry for the Greens coming from VSB*, and from VAD** when they travel by barge. It is also a direct exit port to Africa and the North Sea. This new integrated rail transport service is thus a true additional asset for Déville.

The OFP Vallourec Rouen is also offering new opportunities to all companies with rail links in this industrial sector, starting with the rail equipment dismantling business, which has operated since 2017 in the steel plant premises. This is one of the results of the strategy for re-industrializing the parts of the site for which Vallourec no longer has a use.

*Vallourec Soluções Tubulares do Brasil, Brazilian entity which brings together the Jeceaba, Barreiro and Serro industrial sites. VSB also participates as an industrial supplier of all Vallourec entities, primarily for the international OCTG markets.
**Vallourec Deutschland, German entity present in the Upsream, Pipe Project, Powergen and Industry divisions.