Valinox Nucléaire, ISO 19443-certified

30/11/2018 - Nuclear, Electrical energy

For our Montbard plant, this certification shows a commitment to sustainably contribute to the businesses of our customers.
With over 40 years of experience, Valinox Nucléaire is the world leader in electrical tubes for Nuclear power plants. Its know-how and Safety Culture remain unmatched. Thus, anxious to comply with the safety regulations issued by various national directives, the Montbard plant has obtained ISO 19443 certification, formerly the NSQ-100 standard.

A must for nuclear power players

Specific to the nuclear sector, the ISO 19443 certification is issued by the AFNOR organization, a key player in certification in France and internationally. It is intended for suppliers and subcontractors whose products or services have an impact on the safety of electricity or fuel production facilities. Among other things, it certifies that Valinox Nucléaire has set up an integrated QHSE (Quality Health Safety Environment) system which is based on three pillars:
  • Raising awareness of staff to safety culture, particularly through specific training
  • Precise definition of the responsibilities of each stakeholder in the value chain
  • Provision of feedback with the implementation of possible corrective actions
This success follows a voluntary initiative from our subsidiary. It is the result of a six-month process including an assessment visit, audit preparation, a week-long audit and an update. Subsequently, AFNOR will carry out a maintenance audit every year and a renewal audit every three years.

The 19443 certification is indispensable in our field; Safety Culture is at the heart of our customers' concerns. It demonstrates that we are committed to the three fundamentals of nuclear safety 6 personnel, organization and manufacturing processes – throughout the value chain.

Stéphane Jeanneteau President of Valinox Nucléaire