Mercedes Benz do Brasil awards Vallourec

18/04/2018 - Success, Environment Responsability

Recognition is a result of best environmental practices in the Company’s industrial processes and facilities
Mercedes Benz held an event on April 9 to honor its suppliers who stood out in 2017. Vallourec Soluções Tubulares do Brasil was awarded in the Environmental Responsibility category with the Water Rationing Plan project in the Prêmio Interação. 

Through this initiative, several actions were taken in the Company, encompassing inspections and maintenance of pieces of equipment, hydraulic networks and accessories, intensive use of water recirculation, rational consumption and a work of awareness of employees, by means of training and internal campaigns, as well as many other initiatives.

According to the environmental analyst, Daniel Grossi, such Project was developed at the Barreiro unit in the most critical period of the water crisis in Brazil (2015/2016) with the main objective of reducing industrial and human water consumption.

The Water Rationing Plan is a synergy of practical actions and of awareness. The results exceeded our expectations. We had a 30% reduction target and, after the plan period, we reached 44%

Daniel Grossi Environmental analyst