Customer centricity as the driver of innovation

08/02/2018 - Innovation and R&D, Germany, Power generation
Vallourec's series of new developments enables its customers to offer improved and more competitively priced products and services.

As a globally active company with European roots willing to serve its customers best, it is particularly important for Vallourec to differentiate and always be one step ahead in the development of new products and services. What can come out of this is illustrated by the steel tube manufacturer's promising recent innovations and the outlook for the future.

Robust grades and connections, comprehensive tubular solutions and intelligent services - Vallourec has always been distinguished by its high innovative capability. Given the evolution of customers' expectations, this is more important than ever. In developing innovative solutions for our customers, the company is pursuing three goals: making complex projects possible, reducing customers' project costs and accessing new markets.  

Vallourec's series of new developments enables its customers to offer improved and more competitively priced products and services.


Your challenge

Our solution


Challenging technical requirements for applications in several markets call for highstrength and/or high-alloy steel tubes. These stretch known production processes for seamless tubes beyond their limits.

Piercer for Pilger Mill

Vallourec has put a new high-performance piercer into operation at its Düsseldorf-Rath tube mill. This equipment ranks amongthe world‘s most advanced, ensuring increased productivity and reduced energy consumption.
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Complex steel components have to be welded followed by extensive machining. Their manufacture is time consuming and cost intensive. Their design has to take account of the service loads and weight constraints involved.

Shaped Pipe

Our PFP® shaped pipes are contoured to the customer‘s final product. This helps reduce weight and eliminates the need for welding and subsequent machining. Tailored geometries allow ample scope for new design ideas.
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You need hexagonal hollow sections in large quantities, with tight tolerances and in a short time.

Hexagonal Tubes

Based on technical expertise, team spirit and passion our experts developed new tools, an optimized production and fi nishing for a reliable product quality within a few weeks.
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On the inside of a power plant’s pipes, higher temperature and pressure may cause oxidation and exfoliation of the oxide layer. This can damage the turbine.


Vallourec‘s Valior™ P91 and 92 pipe have an aluminum diffusion coating that prevents oxide layer formation and exfoliation with unchanged mechanical properties.
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To cut carbon emissions, power plants need higher temperature and pressure. And this imposes tougher requirements in steel properties.


Development of VM12-SHC, one of the best ferritic steel grades with recordbraking steel oxidation properties.
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Do problems related to out-of-roundness at pipe ends complicate welding operations due to Hi-Lo?


A rapid pipe-end and bevel measurement tool for laser precision dimensioning along with software analysis manages Out-Of Roundness (OoR) minimizes repair rates and Fit-Up time during welding operations.
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To achieve operational savings while improving safety and reducing impact on environment.


CLEANWELL® technology: A fully dry multi-function coating replacing both, storage and running compounds, as well as improving running performance.
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Geothermal wells with a depth in some cases more than 5000m need safe, efficient and durable technologies and services.

OCTG for Geothermal Energy

From well design to supply chain solutions and field support, Vallourec provides solutions to ensure the greatest efficiency for your geothermal power projects.
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You have doubt about the authenticity of the pipes or mill test certificates attached to your Vallourec products. You do not want to be wrongly named in connection with counterfeit products.


Scan quickly your certificate and do a smart click on your pipes. In seconds you will get the answer about the authenticity for both. This makes your life much easier and secures your business.
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Common testing methods of boiler tubes do not meet technical requirements and do not allow the successful set up of a preventive maintenance approach.

Boiler Field Service International

Using a new non-destructive technology, a team of specialists carries out in-situ tests on boiler tubes in existing power plants and gain test reports for a differentiated assessment of the life cycle of the plant.
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The next step towards intelligent tubes - tagged pipes

For the near future Vallourec defined digitalization as the driving factor for new tubular solutions and products. With Valguard, the forgery-proofing of certificates concerning Vallourec tubes by means of a QR code, a first step in this direction is already done.

Next are Vallourec's tagged pipes. Appropriate marking systems are used to attach a unique ID on the tube. In connection with a mobile-software solution, pipe data and traceability data will be accessible locally, wherever the information is needed. 

"Technically we made good progress to put this concept into practice and demonstrated our agility. Now we invite all customers to refine and customize the services offered by our tagged pipes to their needs. We are eager to exchange with customers and show how data can simplify our customer's production processes and maintenance works" states Jonathan Moulin, Marketing Director Power. "For instance we see a good opportunity to combine our tagged pipe concept with our Boiler Field Service International (BFSI) offer to make our customers life much easier".

But also solutions around the tube are going digital. With integrated digital services the use of seamless tubes is optimized and the Vallourec offer differentiates from other market participants. For example PREON box offers steel constructors a direct comparison with conventional trusses for industrial hall construction without costs or risks. Clients can choose between draft and comparative statics as well as feasibility studies. The basis: a system which optimizes every step in the process. 

The Old Economy is very much alive and in a phase of renewal. This also applies to the steel tube sector. Vallourec is welcoming digitization and, in partnership with the customers, is expecting to witness a number of exciting developments in the years ahead.

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