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Raiselife News 2018
15/06/2018 - Germany , France, Power generation

Vallourec is involved in the EU Raiselife project for the further development of concentrated solar powerplants (CSP). Meanwhile the challenges for tubular solutions are defined.

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Customer centricity as the driver of innovation
08/02/2018 - Innovation and R&D, Germany, Power generation

Vallourec's series of new developments enables its customers to offer improved and more competitively priced products and services.

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New member of the TCS in Korea office
07/02/2018 -

End of January Hyunseok So (Roy) started as Technical Customer Service in Vallourec's Korea Branch Office in Seoul.

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Quick, agile and close to the customer
02/02/2018 - China , Germany, Power generation

Vallourec has made good progress with its transformation process. We have established structures that strengthen the region and allow for shorter decision paths. The objective is to be even closer to the market. A look at China can make this clear.

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Vallourec commissions world's first ultrasonic test facility with groundbreaking technology
02/02/2018 - Innovation and R&D, Germany, Oil & gas

Over the past three years, Vallourec has been developing mainly for oil & gas products together with General Electric a 2D phased-array facility with ShapeUTTM technology, which it has now commissioned at its Düsseldorf-Rath location.

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Technical Seminars in Indonesia and Vietnam
20/11/2017 - South Korea , Indonesia , Vietnam, Fossil , Power generation

Solutions and services for save and sustainable power generation to accompany the economic growth of the region

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High Performance at a Competitive Price - VM12 SHC
18/06/2017 - Power generation

An EPRI study might come to the conclusion that the usage of the steel grade T/P91 has to be changed. Vallourec's VM12-SHC can fill the gap.

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IWC pipes
17/06/2017 - Power generation

Inside Diameter & Weight Controlled (IWC) Pipes: specified for cost savings

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Raiselife - Workshop Madrid
16/06/2017 - Power generation

A one-day workshop on Raising the Lifetime of Functional Materials for Concentrated Solar Power Technology

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Reisholz plant still working at full capacity
16/06/2017 - Germany

The pierce and draw plant in Düsseldorf Reisholz has been working at full capacity for months now. And this will very likely continue throughout the rest of 2017.

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