Story #2: a travel through Vallourec services offer

What is the scope of services within Vallourec ?

Our approach is based on two pillars: the management of OCTG Supply Chain through our Tubular Management Services (TMS) offer and technical on-site interventions through VFS to accompany our customers during the installation of our OCTG products.​

We have noticed that in the oil and gas industry the supply chain between mill and well is becoming increasingly complex. Our customers want to reduce their costs and, in particular, become more efficient in the area of logistics by entrusting these functions to suppliers. 

Vallourec, with its experience and perfect understanding of its products and supply routes, is in an ideal position to help customers lower their costs. Our TMS experts are therefore responsible for optimizing the flow of products between the plant and the well by determining the best supply route, identifying the areas to stock products close to the well and manage the availability of stocks. 

The objective is thus to organize the most efficient logistical chain for just-in-time delivery with the goal of reducing our customers’ costs (cost savings can be between 5% and 10% of the total price of tubes). 

At Vallourec, we have the expertise and experience necessary to really add value and offer supply chain solutions that are competitive and professional.​

As for VFS technicians, they act as technical experts for all VAM® products. 
They inspect the connections before they are assembled, validate the torque values and intervene if there are any problems, with regards to misalignment, compatibility issues or the application of dope, for example. 

Their troubleshooting expertise is highly regarded by customers: they are able to find reliable solutions far quicker than tubular running service companies, with which they are nevertheless complementary. Nobody knows VAM® better than VAM®. 

Thanks to their expertise and experience, our technicians can therefore help save valuable rig time: they can help customers saving 5 to 15 minutes per connection in case of a problem and thus avoid costly interruptions of the operation (taking into account that, on average, an offshore rig costs 1 million dollars to operate).

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Every minute counts and we are there to make sure that stoppages are as rare and as short as possible and that the operation becomes more competitive thanks to our presence.

Finally, innovation is a key lever to enhance our OCTG services. Vallourec continues to invest in R&D in order to make the installation of VAM® products even more reliable and to improve the way we trace VAM® products throughout the entire supply chain.​

​​How is Vallourec's service offer organized around the world?

​​​​​Our presence is organized as follows: there are 11 regional hubs strategically located around the world and close to our customers. Two of them are responsible for training our Field Service technicians. We apply the 'think globally, act locally' approach which is much appreciated by our customers and makes our offer unique.

We have developed a unique training program to evaluate and certify our technicians which is called VAM® Academy. This program allows us to train our staff worldwide to the same standards as our customers using real scenarios. The training takes place on school rigs in Scotland and the United States with the objective of teaching our technicians the best methods and corrective actions to master even the most complex situations. Our customer can thus count on finding the same quality wherever they rely on our teams. The entire competence management system is certified by an independent organization called OPITO. By combining quality training with a local presence, we can intervene on-site very quickly and bring in our expertise and knowhow all around the world.​

​​​​What is the background of VFS technicians and how would you describe their day-to-day work?

​​​​Oftentimes, our VFS technicians have a prior experience working on a rig or in one of our mill and therefore know very well our VAM® products. With this prior experience, their training in the VAM® Academy, their assessment and their VAM® certification, they join the team of VAM® Field Service technicians. It’s a real family with people who exchange a lot about the different problems and technical solutions they have encountered around the globe.

The technicians are always ready to go on a platform, where they evolve in a complex working environment that is dynamic and very enriching: the challenges they face are at the same time related to safety, technical and running time performances. Every time one of our technicians validates a make-up graph, he is under considerable pressure, as he is responsible for the integrity of VAM® during the operation, with important consequences in terms of safety and budget. This explains the main quality that we seek in our employees: the ability to make difficult decisions in a quick, safe and effective manner. In this business, you also have to be mobile and responsive. We normally receive our customers' schedule few weeks in advance but we sometimes get an urgent call and the VFS technician finds himself in a helicopter to travel to an oil platform in only few hours. This is a service that Vallourec can offer thanks to its global presence and the fact that we make sure all of our technicians are kept up to date and trained in the same skills in the same way. Whatever the situation, the VFS spirit always remains the same: do not lose any time, respect the level of quality that Vallourec and VAM® are known for and satisfy the customer, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.​​​​​