PREON marine


​PREON® marine - An Innovative Tubular Solution for Wind Turbine Foundations

Vallourec is in the advanced development stage of a wholly new solution for wind turbine foundations. The PREON® marine system combines the strongest possible ground support with durability, flexible ground application, cost-effective installation and protection of the environment.

PREON® marine is a new idea in load distribution for wind turbine foundations, totally different to today's usual anchoring solutions. The main difference: PREON® marine uses small diameter foundation piles in lengths of only about 25 meters, which are embedded into the seabed. Therefore, a stable foundation may be built with much less force and noise, much faster and using distinctly less construction material. Present and future environmental noise regulations and rules to preserve the seabed and reduce the general impact on the offshore environment also play an important role in the sustainable profile of the overall project.

The concept of PREON® marine was first presented in 2012. In September 2014 it went into a practical test phase at the new Test Center for Support Structures of Leibniz University Hannover (LUH), where special facilities are used to test the foundation piles behavior under cyclic stress. Initial test results have now confirmed that PREON® marine foundation piles can be safely installed in North Sea sand. Further tests will pave the way for the use of PREON® marine piles in other soil types. Live application of PREON® marine in a North Sea test field will follow in the near future.

PREON® marine uses the proven MSH Sections as high quality base material for the foundation's innovative lattice structure.


Product Information

  • PREON® marine brochure
  • MSH Sections standard grade S355J2H


Product Properties

  • Innovative anchoring solution using small-diameter piles (micropiles)
  • Highly cost-efficient through
  • Easy installation Low system weight
  • Environmentally friendly through
  • Reduced noise emissions during installation Low erosion of sea bed Easy deconstruction
  • Flexible even in critical seabed conditions