PREON® box - intelligent hall construction thanks to innovative design software

PREON® box is Vallourec's groundbreaking, innovative approach to industrial hall construction - a unique roof frame system for wide-span structures from 30m to 100m span and more, based on MSH sections.

PREON® box is a fully integrated modular solution for the design of

  • production shops and factory halls,
  • warehouse buildings and cross-docking centres,
  • logistics and distribution centres,
  • hangars and machine shops

and any similar large-scale industrial and commercial hall buildings.

Unlike anything else on the market, PREON® box comes with proprietary iterative planning software, which makes it fast and easy for planners, architects and engineers to generate and modify their static calculations at any time during the hall design process. Thanks to these iterative, fully automatic static calculations, PREON® box structures achieve savings in weight of up to 30% and in overall planning time of up to 30%.


Faster, more economical and with greater flexibility

PREON® box can be used in the design of halls with column-free spans of 30m up to 100m and more. It covers the main cost-relevant project steps in steel construction, including iterative software-based design, software-generated construction and material listings. Quality assurance, logistics and lower costs due to simpler production without strip steel and gusset plates, fewer weld seams and cost-savings with regards to shot blasting and coating are further aspects which are considered in the sofware-based planning process with PREON® box.


See how simple and flexible PREON® box works: 


Product Information

  • MSH Sections standard grade S355J2H


Advantages of PREON® box

  • Unique iterative planning software for faster, more secure and flexible structural design
  • Easy modification of the statics during the entire planning period
  • Attractive appearance and high load-bearing capacity thanks to steel framework elements made from hot-rolled structural hollow sections (MSH)
  • Up to 30% savings on material weight due to automated static calculations
  • Substantial time and cost savings during workshop production of the load-bearing modules as well as during transport and assembly as a result of the software-optimized structural design
  • Up to 30% shorter planning times
  • 30% to 50% less material required for corrosion protection (due to fewer surfaces compared to open sections)
  • Particularly suitable for applications with high demand on cleanliness through the use of closed sections


MSH Section Properties

  • Application-specific steel grades
  • A wide size range
  • High load-bearing capacity
  • Tight corner radii (up to 1 x T on request) for optimum joint and welding properties
  • Higher weights and higher static values than cold formed profiles due to the hot finishing process
  • Ideal corrosion- and fire protection



Industrial hall buildings with PREON® box

  • Production shop (Hangar), Saint-Nazaire, France
  • Production shop (steel industry), Jeceaba, Brazil
  • Production shop, Changhzou, China
  • Production shop (plant engineering), Mönchengladbach, Germany
  • Warehouse and logistics building (steel trade), Düsseldorf, Germany
  • Production shop (steel industry), St. Saulve, France
  • Distribution hall, Burghausen, Germany



PREON® box - The new Dimension in Hall Construction