MSH Structural Hollow Sections


​MSH Sections - Excellence in Construction

For decades, hot finished Structural Hollow Sections (MSH) have been successfully used in steel architecture: from buildings with attractive steel-glass facades via sports arenas, stadiums with spectacular filigree steel roofs and all types of bridges to industrial buildings, exhibition halls and aircraft hangars.


MSH Sections - Advantages at a Glance

  • Fully compliant with EN 10210; numerous international quality certifications
  • High visual appeal of seamless surface through hot-rolling process
  • Small corner radii and large, flat connecting areas in square and rectangular MSH sections
  • High static load capacity
  • Optimum buckling load capacity reflected by a highly favorable buckling curve
  • High notch toughness for low-temperature applications
  • Unrestricted weldability even in the corner zones of square and rectangular MSH sections
  • Structural safety and reliability through uniform hardness distribution and low residual stresses ensured by the hot-rolling process
  • A large range of sizes and extra-long mill lengths (standard manufacturing program with approximately 740 circular, 225 square and 450 rectangular MSH sizes in lengths up to 16 m
  • Tailor-made options featuring a wide range of steel grades (carbon structural steels, high-strength special steels and quenched-and-tempered fine-grain structural steels), wall thicknesses up to 25 mm and extra tight corner radii (Ra ≤ 1,0 x T)
  • Backed by comprehensive know-how, documentation and technical support
  • Decades of references with numerous award-winning buildings and constructions worldwide


Hardness Distribution

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Eye-Catching and Cost-Effective

MSH sections offer numerous advantages which address the specific requirements of the applications (see Product Advantages below). In buildings with exposed facade or roof structures, for instance, they represent a very neat solution because they combine structural safety and reliability with good looks thanks to clear smooth lines, tight corner radii and surfaces without any sharp edges and visible welds.

Thanks to the great variety of standard sizes and steel grades, Vallourec engineers can exploit MSH sections for maximum structural and aesthetic impact. Load variations may easily be handled by using a section of the same outside diameter but with a different wall thickness to achieve a harmonious whole.


Tailored to Special Requirements

In steel facade construction, structures using tailor-made MSH sections with extra tight corner radii will benefit from the closest sealed connections between glass or other facade materials and the underlying steel structures. Facade structures, though exposed to severe loads, may still be kept as slim as possible by choosing MSH sections in one of the many special grades and/or in custom wall thicknesses ranging up to an impressive 25 mm.


Size Range

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Square MSH Sections

Rectangular MSH Sections 

Circular MSH Sections